How to See Hidden Games on Steam

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Steam is a popular digital distribution platform for video games, with a vast library of titles available for purchase. However, there are also hidden gems on Steam that may not be as well-known but are worth checking out. In this article, we will discuss how to find these hidden games on Steam and uncover some hidden treasures for your gaming collection.

Steam Curators

One way to discover hidden games on Steam is through Steam Curators. These are individuals or groups who recommend games on Steam and have a following of users who trust their recommendations. You can find Steam Curators by going to the “Community” tab on Steam and selecting “Curators.” From there, you can browse through different curators and see their recommended games. You can also follow curators that align with your gaming preferences to receive updates on their recommendations.

Steam Tags

Another way to find hidden games on Steam is through Steam Tags. These are user-generated labels that describe a game and its features. You can find Steam Tags on a game’s store page, and clicking on a tag will take you to a page with other games that have the same tag. This is a great way to discover hidden gems that may not be as well-known but have similar features to games you already enjoy.

Steam Hidden Gems

There are also curated lists on Steam that feature hidden gems. These lists are created by Steam users and can be found by going to the “Community” tab and selecting “Curator Lists.” From there, you can browse through different lists and find hidden gems that may interest you. You can also create your own list and share it with others to help them discover hidden games on Steam.

Steam Deck

With the recent announcement of the Steam Deck, a handheld gaming device that can play Steam games, many users are wondering how to see hidden games on this new platform. The process is similar to finding hidden games on the Steam desktop app. You can use Steam Curators, Steam Tags, and curated lists to discover hidden gems on the Steam Deck. Additionally, you can also use the search function on the Steam Deck to find specific games or browse through different categories to find hidden treasures.

Steam Sales

Lastly, keep an eye out for Steam sales. During these events, many hidden games are discounted, making it the perfect opportunity to discover and purchase them. You can also add games to your wishlist and receive notifications when they go on sale. This is a great way to save money while also expanding your gaming library with hidden gems.

By using these methods, you can uncover hidden games on Steam and add some hidden treasures to your gaming collection. Have you discovered any hidden gems on Steam? Let us know in the comments.

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