How to Remove Your Facebook Profile From Google (and Other Search Engines)

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In today’s digital age, our online presence is more important than ever. With potential employers, clients, and even friends and family members searching for us online, it’s crucial to maintain a positive online reputation. One way to do this is by controlling what information is available about us on search engines. In this article, we’ll discuss how to remove your Facebook profile from Google and other search engines, and how to manage your digital footprint.

Why Remove Your Facebook Profile From Search Engines?

There are a few reasons why you may want to remove your Facebook profile from search engines. One of the main reasons is to protect your privacy. By removing your profile from search engines, you can control who has access to your personal information and photos. Additionally, removing your profile can also help you manage your online reputation. If you have any embarrassing or unprofessional content on your Facebook profile, removing it from search engines can prevent potential employers or clients from seeing it.

How to Remove Your Facebook Profile From Google

The first step to removing your Facebook profile from Google is to change your privacy settings on Facebook. Go to your Facebook profile and click on the “Privacy” tab. From there, you can adjust who can see your posts, photos, and personal information. You can also limit who can search for you on Facebook. By making these changes, your profile will no longer be visible to search engines.

Next, you’ll need to request that Google remove your profile from their search results. To do this, go to Google’s URL removal tool and enter the URL of your Facebook profile. You can also request that other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo, remove your profile by using their respective URL removal tools.

Managing Your Digital Footprint

Removing your Facebook profile from search engines is just one aspect of managing your digital footprint. It’s important to regularly monitor your online presence and make sure that any information or content associated with you is accurate and appropriate. You can also take steps to improve your online reputation by creating positive content, such as a personal website or professional social media profiles.

Another way to manage your digital footprint is by using privacy settings on all of your social media accounts. Make sure to regularly review and update these settings to control who can see your content and personal information.


In today’s digital world, it’s important to be mindful of our online presence and take steps to protect our privacy and manage our online reputation. By following these steps, you can remove your Facebook profile from search engines and control what information is available about you online. Remember to regularly monitor and manage your digital footprint to ensure a positive online reputation. Have you tried any of these techniques? Let us know in the comments.

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