Where is Microsoft Forms Data Stored in Sharepoint?

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Microsoft Forms is a popular tool for creating surveys, quizzes, and polls. It allows users to easily collect and analyze data from respondents. However, many users may wonder where this data is stored and how long it is retained. In this article, we will explore the data storage and retention policies for Microsoft Forms in Sharepoint.

Data Storage

When a user creates a form in Microsoft Forms, the data is automatically stored in a corresponding SharePoint list. This list is created in the same site as the form and is named “Form Name (Responses)”. For example, if your form is called “Customer Satisfaction Survey”, the corresponding SharePoint list will be named “Customer Satisfaction Survey (Responses)”. This list can be accessed by going to the “Responses” tab in the form and clicking on the “Open in SharePoint” button.

The data in this SharePoint list is stored in the form of columns and rows, similar to a spreadsheet. Each response is stored as a row, with the questions and answers for that response stored in the corresponding columns. This data can be exported to Excel for further analysis or manipulation.

Data Retention

By default, the data in the SharePoint list is retained for 90 days. This means that after 90 days, the data will be automatically deleted from the list. However, this retention period can be changed by the form owner. To change the retention period, go to the “Responses” tab in the form and click on the “Open in SharePoint” button. This will open the SharePoint list in a new tab. From here, click on the “Settings” gear icon and select “List settings” from the drop-down menu.

In the list settings, click on “Information management policy settings” under the “Permissions and Management” section. Here, you can change the retention period for the list. You can also choose to delete the data immediately after a certain period of time or never delete it. Keep in mind that changing the retention period will only affect new responses, not existing ones.

Microsoft Forms Data Storage

In addition to the SharePoint list, Microsoft Forms data is also stored in the Microsoft Forms service. This data is used for form analytics and to provide insights to the form owner. This data is retained for a longer period of time, but the exact retention period is not specified by Microsoft. However, it is important to note that this data is not accessible to the form owner and cannot be exported.


In conclusion, Microsoft Forms data is stored in both a SharePoint list and the Microsoft Forms service. The data in the SharePoint list is retained for 90 days by default, but this can be changed by the form owner. The data in the Microsoft Forms service is retained for a longer period of time, but it is not accessible to the form owner. By understanding where and how your data is stored, you can ensure that your data retention policies align with your organization’s needs.

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