What exactly is VulkanRT

What is VulkanRT (Runtime Libraries)? Is it a virus?

You may have come across something called “VulkanRT” in your Program Files and wondered if it was something suspicious. Well, wait a moment before you uninstall it without even catching a breath.

Let’s take a look at what VulkanRT is and then decide whether it belongs to your system.

Vulkan Runtime Libraries, also known as VulkanRT, is not a spyware or malware program (even though it is falsely claimed to be on some websites, but it is not suspicious software). And uninstalling it is almost useless, if not a drawback.

vulkanrt folder

Manufacturers of video graphics cards, such as AMD or Nvidia, install the VulkanRT program. This program is installed when your computer’s graphics drivers are updated.

Khronos Group developed VulkanRT, a cross-platform 3D graphics and computational API (also part of Vulkan). If you’re unfamiliar with cross-platform applications, they’re apps or software that can run on a range of devices (such as Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, and so on.)

The Khronos Group is a non-profit consortium based in the United States that exists solely to create royalty-free APIs (Application Program Interfaces).  One of their devices, the VulkanRT, claims to be useful for high-performance, 3D real-time applications, such as interactive media like video games.

What is the purpose of VulkanRT?

VulkanRT’s advantages include balanced CPU and GPU performance, the ability to make 2D applications, parallel tasking, and work distribution across multiple cores.

The primary goal of the VulkanRT API is to give the CPU control over GPU use. Additionally, it simplifies graphics rendering and provides an effective multithreading mechanism in the CPU.

It lowers the CPU consumption on the machine, which reduces the overhead in terms of efficiency. When running high-performance applications, VulkanRT ensures that the performance cores do not exceed their full capacity, which would cause the system to shut down.

Vulkan Realtime Libraries have the following features:

  • It’s included with high-end graphics cards and on some mobile devices to boost video games efficiency and other graphics-intensive applications.
  • It lowers the CPU and driver overhead. VulkanRT accomplishes this by batching, which forces CPU cores to work harder than they would normally.
  • VulkanRT, unlike other applications like Direct 3D 12, is not tied to a particular operating system. It has the potential to run on a variety of platforms.
  • It can be used on multi-core processors, unlike other applications like Direct 3D 11, which can only be used on single processors.
  • The computing kernels and graphical colors are also controlled by it. As a consequence, there’s no need to use a different API for these purposes.
  • It comes with small driver bundles, so it takes up less room.
  • Because of better GPU optimization and code generation, it has excellent performance (quick and efficient).

Where can you find VulkanRT on your machine, and how do you get it?

If you haven’t seen VulkanRT on your device yet, it’s because you’re wondering if it’s installed or not. VulkanRT is easy to find on your computer; you can use one of the two methods mentioned below:

Locate using the Settings menu:

If you’re using Windows 10, the VulkanRT can be found in the settings menu.

  1. By pressing the Windows + X keys at the same time, you can access the settings program.
  2. Then, on the settings window, locate and click the “Apps and Features” option.
  3. When the Apps and Features window appears, type “Vulkan Realtime Libraries” into the search bar to find installed apps.

If you find an application called VulkanRT or Vulkan Realtime Libraries in your search results, it means the program is already installed on your computer.

Locate Using the Control Panel:

  1. First of all, open the computer’s control panel.
  2. Then select “Uninstall a program” from the drop-down menu. Under the Programs and Features section, you’ll find this option.
  3. To see if it’s installed, type “Vulkan Realtime Libraries” into the search bar.

Is VulkanRT a computer virus? Will I get rid of it?


Now comes the most commonly asked question: should VulkanRT be removed, or is it a virus? The answer is simply NO!

We understand your concern about keeping a malicious file on your machine, as many websites say. The original VulkanRT program, on the other hand, is not a virus. The AMD and Nvidia graphics card drivers are included in the software. Because some games need VulkanRT, the game installation package also includes the VulkanRT setup, so you don’t have to install it manually.

Now, if you’re going to uninstall the app, bear in mind that it won’t interfere with Windows’ daily operations because it wasn’t programmed to do so. When playing games that involve 3D performance, however, uninstalling it has a significant impact.


For better results, most well-known games, such as DOTA 2, CryEngine, Talos Theory, and Unity, require VulkanRT. It is also recommended that you keep it installed if you are playing these games.

Let me repeat what I already said: Vulkan Real-Time Libraries Application is not malware, and keeping it on your computer is completely safe and beneficial.

However, manually installing VulkanRT or reinstalling it after it has been uninstalled is not straightforward. Additionally, once VulkanRT is uninstalled, your games will not run as smoothly as they did with VulkanRT.

So, make an informed decision and have fun gaming!

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