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When it comes to using a keyboard, most people are familiar with the basic keys such as letters, numbers, and symbols. However, there are also special keys that can be used to access additional characters and functions. One of these keys is the “shift” key, which is often used in combination with other keys to produce different characters. In this article, we will explore what the shift 2 key does on a keyboard and how it can be used.

The Shift Key

Before we dive into the specific function of the shift 2 key, let’s first understand what the shift key is and how it works. The shift key is a modifier key that is typically located on either side of the keyboard, usually marked with an upward arrow. When pressed, the shift key changes the output of other keys on the keyboard, allowing for the input of different characters or functions.


The most common use of the shift key is to capitalize letters. By holding down the shift key and pressing a letter, you can type the uppercase version of that letter. For example, pressing “shift + a” will produce the letter “A” instead of “a”. This is a quick and easy way to type in all caps without having to hold down the caps lock key.

Symbols and Special Characters

Shift key on keyboard

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In addition to capitalization, the shift key can also be used to access symbols and special characters that are not readily available on the keyboard. For example, pressing “shift + 2” will produce the “@” symbol, which is commonly used in email addresses. This is because the number 2 key on a keyboard also has the “@” symbol on it, but it can only be accessed by using the shift key.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Another function of the shift key is to activate keyboard shortcuts. These are combinations of keys that perform a specific function, such as copying and pasting text or opening a new tab in a web browser. Many keyboard shortcuts involve the use of the shift key, making it an essential key for efficient computer use.

Shift 2 on Keyboard

Now that we understand the basic function of the shift key, let’s focus on the shift 2 key specifically. On a standard QWERTY keyboard, the number 2 key is located above the letters “W”, “E”, and “R”. When the shift key is pressed in combination with the number 2 key, it produces the “at” symbol (@), as mentioned earlier.

Other Functions of Shift 2

In addition to producing the “@” symbol, the shift 2 key can also be used to access other symbols and characters. On a US keyboard, pressing “shift + 2” will produce the quotation mark (“) symbol. However, on a UK keyboard, the shift 2 key produces the quotation mark symbol (“) without the need for the shift key. This is because the UK keyboard has the “@” symbol on the number 2 key without the need for the shift key.


In conclusion, the shift 2 key on a keyboard is used to produce the “@” symbol, as well as other symbols and characters depending on the keyboard layout. It is an essential key for capitalization, accessing symbols and special characters, and activating keyboard shortcuts. Now that you know the function of the shift 2 key, you can use it to enhance your typing skills and make your computer use more efficient.

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