What Is Denuvo, and Why Do Gamers Hate It?

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Denuvo is a controversial anti-piracy software that has been used in many popular video games, including Company of Heroes 3 and Deliver Us The Moon. While it may seem like a necessary tool to protect game developers from piracy, many gamers have expressed their dislike for Denuvo. In this article, we will explore what Denuvo is and why it has become a source of frustration for gamers.

What is Denuvo?

Denuvo is a digital rights management (DRM) software developed by the Austrian company Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH. It is designed to prevent unauthorized access to video games by using a combination of anti-tamper and anti-debugging techniques. Essentially, it makes it difficult for hackers to crack and distribute pirated versions of the game.

Why do gamers hate it?

One of the main reasons gamers dislike Denuvo is because it can negatively impact the performance of the game. Many players have reported experiencing lower frame rates and longer loading times when playing games with Denuvo. This is because the software constantly runs in the background, using up system resources.

Another reason for the hate is that Denuvo can make it difficult for legitimate players to access the game. If the Denuvo servers are down or experiencing issues, players may not be able to launch the game they purchased. This has happened in the past with games like Company of Heroes 3, causing frustration for players who just want to play the game they paid for.

Company of Heroes 3 and Deliver Us The Moon

Two recent games that have received backlash for using Denuvo are Company of Heroes 3 and Deliver Us The Moon. Both games have faced criticism for their use of Denuvo, with many players citing performance issues and server problems as major concerns.

In the case of Company of Heroes 3, the developers have stated that they will be removing Denuvo from the game in response to player feedback. This decision was met with praise from the gaming community, showing that the dislike for Denuvo is strong.

Is Denuvo effective?

Despite the backlash from gamers, Denuvo has been successful in preventing piracy for a period of time after a game’s release. However, it has also been cracked by hackers in the past, leading some to question its effectiveness. Additionally, the negative impact on game performance and player experience may not be worth the temporary protection from piracy.

In conclusion

While Denuvo may have good intentions in protecting game developers from piracy, it has become a source of frustration for many gamers. The negative impact on game performance and player experience has led to a strong dislike for the software. As more and more games continue to use Denuvo, it remains to be seen if the company will make changes to address these concerns.

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