How to Turn on Backlit Keyboard of Lenovo Laptop?

How to Turn on Backlit Keyboard of Lenovo Laptop in 2022

You recently purchased a Lenovo laptop and were taken aback by the brightness of the backlit keyboard. When the lighting isn’t optimal, the keyboard light allows you to utilize the computer. However, when you open the laptop, you’ll be surprised to learn that it has yet to activate Lenovo’s illuminated keyboard, despite numerous tries. This page explains how to determine whether the system has a keyboard backlight and, if so, how to turn it on or off.

What is RGB Backlit Keyboard?

Let’s start by defining what is an RGB keyboard. It’s not merely a backlit keyboard with the letters on each key illuminated. It’s also not a multi-color keyboard with predefined colors for distinct sets of keys. An RGB keyboard is far more versatile, allowing you to choose from the RGB wheel’s 16+ million colors and apply them to each key individually or in groups. It distinguishes RGB keyboards from traditional backlit keyboards or those that display only a few primary colors.

rgb gaming keyboard

In addition, new ways to use actual colors and patterns for speedier gameplay – or even at home or work – are constantly emerging. It is especially true with powerful RGB keyboard software like Corsair issue, which controls all of Lenovo’s RGB keyboards and laptops. If you’re a gamer, you’re surely aware that an RGB keyboard can assist you in swiftly locating the crucial WASD keys in order to maximize each North-South-East-West input. But an RGB gaming keyboard is much more than just moving about in the game.

What If Lenovo Keyboard Backlit Lights Not Working?

It may seem weird, but the most simple and common reason a Lenovo keyboard does not light up is that it is missing from your laptop. Lenovo still sells laptops without a keyboard backlight for a lower price. If you can’t find the keyboard backlight shortcut on the keyboard, you’ll know it’s true.

If your Lenovo laptop has a keyboard backlight, but the keyboard shortcut doesn’t function, use Lenovo’s Vantage software to activate it. The toggle for the keyboard backlight is found in the Inputs & Accessories section. You must first check that the Notebook PC you have chosen has the functionality before activating the keyboard backlight by hitting the physical keys or using the necessary Lenovo software.

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How Does Lenovo Backlit Keyboard Works?

Although Lenovo laptops come in various models, nearly all of them feature the same keyboard lighting that can turn on and off with the same shortcut. Even in a pitch-black area, a Lenovo laptop’s keyboard light makes typing easier. On a Lenovo laptop, here’s how to turn on the keyboard light.

lenovo keyboard with backlit lights

This function can be verified by carefully reading the full technical sheet (searching for Lenovo Datasheet (Portable Model) in Google), checking the user manual in the laptop sales box, or looking at the keyboard and looking for a small specific icon for the backlight, usually printed on the space bar or in Key Esc.

If the charging icon (marked by a graphic of a bulb or light rays) was present on one of the keys listed above, the portable PC model in your hands is very certainly equipped with an illuminated keyboard. Otherwise, the keyboard lighting is not included in the Notebook PC’s hardware characteristics. Therefore, you won’t be able to turn it on in any way.

However, you can equip yourself with a flexible USB lamp to connect to one of the ports on the notebook and place it in the most appropriate way to adequately illuminate the keys. It may be due to the availability of an automatic backlight, which is a feature included on some Lenovo laptops. For example, it enables you to turn on the keyboard only when the ambient light is dim or using the laptop in the dark.


To make sure it’s there, look at the product datasheet, the user handbook, or see if the sensor management drivers are installed in Windows. To do so, switch on the laptop, wait for Windows to boot up fully, press Win + R into the text field that appears on the screen, and then hit Enter on the keyboard.

Its presence implies that the sensor for the automatic backlight is present. Look for the s ensures in the new window that appears. Press the small button on your laptop to the left of the entrance in the list of hardware devices identified on the PC to enlarge it and ensure it is immediately below.

Switch on the Lenovo Backlit Keyboard:

Now that you’ve confirmed the presence of the desired feature, it’s time to get down to business and learn how to activate Lenovo backlit keyboard in actual terms. Utilize the relevant Function keys on the keyboard or use the Lenovo software, which usually is “standard” pre-installed on PCs built by the Chinese company, to do this task. These instructions apply to Lenovo IdeaPad and ThinkPad notebooks with a backlit keyboard.

On your Lenovo laptop, locate the keyboard backlight shortcut key. It’s usually found on the Spacebar on Lenovo laptops. At the same time, press the Function key (abbreviated as Fn) and the backlight shortcut key (usually the Spacebar).

The brightness of the keyboard lighting can adjust on most Lenovo laptops. To boost intelligence, hit the Function and backlight shortcut keys again. If you keep activating the shortcut, the keyboard backlight will ultimately turn off.

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Combination of keys:

Press and hold the function key fn (typically placed next to the button Left Ctrl). Then, hit the key designated by the backlight icon to enable the backlit keyboard on Lenovo Notebook PCs using the key combination. As previously stated, this button may equate to the Esc or space bar depending on the model. There will be a specific backlight action every time you touch the indicated key: starting with the keyboard turned off, the first time you press, a weak light will appear.

Combination of keys to turn lenovo backlit keyboard

The second time, you’ll have the highest brightness possible. Finally, the backlight will turn off on the third press. The behavior varies slightly if your laptop PC has a brightness sensor and, as a result, automatic illumination. The first and second keystrokes, as seen above, function to dim and brighten the keyboard, respectively. On the other hand, the third will activate the light sensor, which will automatically adjust the supplied light to the ambient conditions. The backlight, on the other hand, will turn off entirely on the fourth press.

Using Lenovo’s software:

Alternatively, you can control the keyboard backlight with the following software dedicated to PC and operating system administration: Both Lenovo Vantage for Windows 10 and Lenovo Settings for Windows 8.x come pre-installed in the operating system can be found in the start menu and as a desk icon.

You can turn the functional keyboard on or off with a few mouse clicks this way.

Lenovo Windows 10:

If you have a Lenovo notebook, laptop, or PC with Windows 10, you can control the keyboard lighting with the Lenovo Vantage program:

  • Click on the open from the Start Menu or the Windows icon.
  • Press the Hardware configurations button at the top.
  • Select the item Keyboard backlight or Automatic keyboard backlight (The exact wording varies depending on the laptop model you have).

Windows manages the keyboard light in complete autonomy thanks to the embedded sensor, without the need for manual intervention: place the checkmark sign next to the entrance to do so. Turn on the keyboard’s automatic backlighting.

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Lenovo Windows 8.x:

If you have a Lenovo laptop PC with Windows 8.x, you must utilize the Lenovo settings software, which is also available within Windows or as a desk icon. Check that the backlight symbol is available on the right sidebar, potentially identified by the item Backlight keyboard on Keyboard backlight, and click on it until the wording shows ON once the program has started (with simultaneous physical activation of the light on the keyboard).

If the Lenovo setup isn’t already installed on your computer, you can get it through the Windows Store. Have you tried all of the procedures above but still can’t get the backlit keyboard to work? The issue could then be ascribed to an unanticipated buildup of energy within the backlight system, which prevents it from functioning correctly.

To solve the issue, you can try turning off the computer for at least 10 seconds to allow the power to discharge fully.

If you have a Lenovo laptop with a removable battery, physically remove it from the PC (using the manufacturer’s recommendations) and leave it unconnected for at least 10 seconds. If you have a laptop with a fixed battery, detach the power line from the wall, press the button, hold on to your laptop’s power button for 10 seconds, and then reconnect the power supply to the PC.

When you’re finished, restart your Laptop and attempt activating the backlit keyboard again, as described in this instruction. If you’re still having trouble, we recommend contacting Lenovo’s official support via this link and then following the on-screen instructions.


We’ve listed the best ways to activate the backlit keyboard on most Lenovo laptops. These techniques are both simple and effective. If you want to learn more, or if you want to make your keyboard backlit, read this post and find out for yourself.


How can I turn on the lights on my Lenovo keyboard?

Fn + Spacebar on the keyboard turns on or off the backlight. The lighting on the keyboard has three settings: off, low, and high. To change the keyboard backlight modes, use Fn + Spacebar.

Lenovo, why isn’t my keyboard lighting up?

To see if the backlight is on:

  1. Press Fn + Space or Esc.
  2. If this works, go to the Lenovo support page and download the most recent BIOS.
  3. If this does not work in BIOS or Safe Mode, make a backup of your vital data and restore your system from a previous restore point.

Does the keyboard on my Lenovo laptop light up?

The brightness of the keyboard lighting can adjust on most Lenovo laptops. To boost intelligence, hit the Function and backlight shortcut keys again. If you keep activating the shortcut, the keyboard backlight will ultimately turn off.

What is the procedure for opening the Lenovo keyboard?

To loosen the screws, use a cross-head screwdriver. To see the connectors on the bottom side of the keyboard, pivot the keyboard slightly upward as represented by the arrow [4]. Then, as defined by the arrow [5], flip the keyboard over. Detach the connectors and place the keyboard on the palm rest.


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