Teleperformance: Providing Laptops for Remote Work

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In today’s digital age, remote work has become increasingly popular and necessary. With the ongoing pandemic, many companies have shifted to a remote work setup to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees. Teleperformance, a leading global outsourcing company, is no exception. But the question remains, does Teleperformance provide laptops for remote work? Let’s find out.

Teleperformance and Remote Work

Teleperformance is a multinational company that specializes in customer experience management and contact center services. With over 380,000 employees in 83 countries, Teleperformance is known for its innovative and efficient solutions for businesses. In light of the pandemic, Teleperformance has implemented a remote work setup for its employees to continue providing services to their clients while ensuring the safety of their employees.

Providing Laptops for Remote Work

Laptop for remote work

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One of the main concerns for employees when transitioning to remote work is the availability of necessary equipment, such as laptops. Fortunately, Teleperformance understands the importance of providing their employees with the necessary tools to effectively work from home. As such, Teleperformance does provide laptops for remote work to their employees.

How to Get a Laptop for Remote Work at Teleperformance

If you are an employee of Teleperformance and are in need of a laptop for remote work, there are a few steps you can take to obtain one. First, you can reach out to your manager or HR representative and express your need for a laptop. They will then provide you with the necessary information and steps to follow to receive a laptop. Alternatively, you can also check with your IT department for any available laptops or equipment for remote work.

Benefits of Teleperformance Providing Laptops for Remote Work

The provision of laptops for remote work by Teleperformance has several benefits for both the company and its employees. For employees, having a company-provided laptop ensures that they have the necessary equipment to effectively work from home. This also eliminates the need for employees to use their personal devices for work, which can be a security risk. For the company, providing laptops for remote work ensures that their employees have the necessary tools to continue providing services to their clients, maintaining productivity and efficiency.

Other Support for Remote Work

Aside from providing laptops, Teleperformance also offers other support for remote work to their employees. This includes providing internet allowances, technical support, and virtual training to ensure that employees have the necessary resources and skills to work remotely. Teleperformance also has a dedicated team to address any concerns or issues that may arise during remote work.


In conclusion, Teleperformance does provide laptops for remote work to their employees. This is just one of the many ways that Teleperformance supports their employees during these challenging times. With the provision of necessary equipment and support, Teleperformance ensures that their employees can continue to provide excellent services to their clients while prioritizing their safety and well-being.

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