Spotify’s AI Gimmicks Are Actually Great

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Spotify has been making waves in the music industry with its innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI). While some may see these AI gimmicks as just a marketing ploy, they are actually proving to be incredibly useful for both listeners and artists. In this article, we will explore some of Spotify’s AI features and how they are changing the game for music lovers and creators.

AI Judges

One of Spotify’s most talked-about AI features is its “AI judges” that analyze songs and provide feedback to artists. This feature, called “Spotify for Artists”, uses machine learning algorithms to analyze a song’s structure, instrumentation, and other elements to provide personalized feedback to the artist. This not only helps artists improve their craft, but it also gives them valuable insights into what listeners are looking for in a song.

Discover Weekly

Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlist is a favorite among users, and for good reason. This playlist is curated by an AI algorithm that takes into account your listening history, as well as the listening habits of users with similar tastes. This means that every week, you are presented with a personalized playlist of new songs and artists that you may not have discovered otherwise. This not only keeps your music library fresh, but it also helps lesser-known artists gain exposure.


One of Spotify’s newest AI features is its “AI DJ” that creates a seamless mix of songs based on your listening habits. This feature, called “Endless Artist Radio”, uses machine learning to analyze your listening history and create a personalized mix of songs from artists you love, as well as similar artists. This is perfect for when you want to discover new music without having to constantly skip through songs.

Collaborative Playlists

Spotify’s AI is also being used to improve the collaborative playlist experience. With the help of machine learning, Spotify can now suggest songs to add to a collaborative playlist based on the songs already included. This not only saves time for users, but it also helps create a more cohesive and enjoyable listening experience for everyone involved.

The Future of Music

Spotify’s use of AI is not just a gimmick, but a glimpse into the future of music. With the help of machine learning, Spotify is able to provide personalized and relevant music recommendations to its users, as well as valuable feedback to artists. This not only benefits the music industry as a whole, but it also enhances the listening experience for users.

In conclusion, Spotify’s AI gimmicks are not just for show, but are actually making a positive impact on the music industry. From helping artists improve their craft to providing personalized playlists for users, Spotify’s use of AI is changing the game for the better. Have you tried any of these AI features on Spotify? Let us know in the comments.

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