How to Use Bluetooth Mouse without its Dongle?


Everyone uses laptops nowadays. so many people use some necessary devices with the laptop. The purpose of using these devices is to make the laptop easier to use. One of the most common devices is the mouse. In the past, most people used a wired mouse because a wireless mouse was expensive. Over time, wireless technology has become more common, and the cost of wireless technology has also decreased. Wireless mouse consumption has also increased significantly due to its low cost.

There are different types of a wireless mouse like a Bluetooth mouse or a Wi-Fi mouse. Some people buy wireless mouse because they don’t want to freeze one USB port on a laptop, and some people bought a Bluetooth mouse because they thought they could get rid of the tangled. But some products are shipped with USB dongles, which means that there is a need to sacrifice a port.

But is USB dongle necessary? My device has no free USB ports left; how do I deal with this problem? Can I use my Bluetooth mouse without connecting its USB dongle?

Yes, you can use a Bluetooth mouse without its USB dongle!

How can I use a Bluetooth mouse without a USB dongle?

How can I use a Bluetooth mouse without a USB dongle

Some Bluetooth mouse is bundled with USB dongles, but it works fine without it. If your notebook, laptop, or desktop PC already has a Bluetooth connection, then USB Dongle will not need to be plugged in.

Dongle plug-ins only when your device does not have Bluetooth. Manufacturers usually provide additional dongles only when their users do not have a Bluetooth connection to their device.

On the other hand, if the mouse doesn’t include a dongle in the product’s packaging, it means the device can work with built-in Bluetooth – no additional dongle needed.

If you consider using onboard Bluetooth, it may require manual installation by adding a new device. Please refer to the handbook for the step-by-step process of pairing. Meanwhile, the USB Bluetooth dongle is designed to instantly connect seamlessly to the mouse.

Procedures for the Windows 10 operating system

The first step is to make sure you connect between the wireless mouse and the laptop.

This is an arrangement that depends on the wireless mouse board transmitter, and this computer establishes communication with the Bluetooth radio.

The Bluetooth function is one of the latest inventions in computer technology and is easily found in tablets and laptops but is not found in most desktop computers.

Check the control panel or the device and printers; if your computer does not have Bluetooth features, then you need to buy a Bluetooth adapter for the computer.

Steps to connect a Windows 10 computer to a wireless mouse

The first step is to go to your computer “Settings.” Under Settings, go to “Devices” below your search. Select “Devices.”

Check out the left side of the menu that has a lot of features. Check “Bluetooth and other devices.” Select it and move on.

Go to the right pane of the page and select by clicking on the plus sign (+) next to “Add Bluetooth or other devices.”

The window will pop up. Check it out and click on “Bluetooth.”

The “Add device” feature will begin, and all you must do is follow the instructions.

Go ahead and accept the device pair.

Take the time to consider the Quick Start Guide that comes with the device.

The system will connect to the Windows Wireless Mouse and add the necessary drivers.

Mac OS Operating System Procedure

The procedure for connecting a wireless mouse to a computer running a Mac operating system is quite different from the one for Windows OS.

First, you need to start the process of pairing your wireless mouse. This will not be easy to do, so you may need to refer to the device instructions for guidance.

On your Mac computer, just select “Apple” on the menu and scroll to “System Preferences.” Select it, and you’ll see a dropdown. Go to the drop-down, and you will get the “Bluetooth” feature. Select it and proceed with the pairing process.

At this point, your computer’s Bluetooth feature will start searching and searching for Bluetooth devices that are open to the pair. After finding an open Bluetooth for a wireless mouse, go ahead and accept the pair of the two devices.

Linux operating system procedure

From the desktop screen, you should open a panel for Bluetooth devices. Look for the switch at the top of the screen ad, then make sure it’s on.

The next step is to start the procedure for pairing your wireless mouse. This will not be so easy, so in order to guide, you need to refer to your device instructions.

A device list will fall. Drag your mouse to complete the sequence deletion process. It is designed to complete the process in 20 seconds. If you fail to complete the process within the time frame, you will experience a timeout. You are notified whenever your mouse is connected to the device, and the status will appear as “Connected”.

You can customize your mouse and your device the way you like. Open the panel by clicking on the corresponding mouse.

Can I pair multiple devices with Bluetooth?

Yes, you can, for example, my laptop has built-in Bluetooth, and I often have a mouse, earphone, and printer connected uninterrupted. I can even lock the device via Bluetooth using a smartphone.

What about a Wi-Fi mouse without a USB dongle?

Unlike Bluetooth, a Wi-Fi-based mouse still needs a special connection to its Wi-Fi dongle. Because the frequency is different, it won’t work with the onboard Wi-Fi component. In other words, a USB port is required to connect the Dongle.

This is a downside of a wi-fi mouse. Not to mention you will need an additional USB converter if your device does not have a regular USB port. However, this is known as a more reliable, higher response time and longer battery life.

How to identify if the mouse is Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Want to buy a new wireless mouse? Check out this table for how Bluetooth mouse and wifi mouse are distinguished.

Bluetooth mouseWi-Fi mouse
The Dongle is not always includedDongle is included
Don’t add a dongleadd a dongle
Can work with any Bluetooth donglecan only work with its original Dongle
Ad advertised as Bluetooth mouseadvertised as Wi-Fi or wireless mouse
No frequency2.4 GHz frequency
In general, cheaperUsually expensive
Standard battery lifeLong battery life


My favorite Bluetooth mouse that can run without a dongle

I have a LOGITECH G305 Bluetooth mouse that can use for up to 12 months. It doesn’t come with a USB dongle because it was designed for a user who already has Bluetooth connectivity on their device. I also have TeckNet Classic 2.4G, a wi-fi mouse that requires a wifi receiver (Dongle) from my computer.

Of course, there are many wireless mouse products out there. You don’t have to stick to these options – they are just an example. If you plan to buy a wireless mouse, please make sure it is a Bluetooth mouse or a Wi-Fi mouse.

Okay fine. I hope this article helps you. If you have anything to know, please write down in the comments below!

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