How to Speed Up Your PlayStation 4’s Downloads

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The PlayStation 4 is a popular gaming console that offers a wide variety of games and entertainment options. However, one common frustration among PS4 users is slow download speeds. Whether you’re trying to download a new game or update an existing one, slow downloads can be a major inconvenience. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks to help you speed up your PlayStation 4’s downloads.

Check Your Internet Connection

Before trying any other solutions, it’s important to make sure that your internet connection is stable and strong. If you’re using a wireless connection, try moving your PS4 closer to your router or using an ethernet cable for a more stable connection. You can also try resetting your router or contacting your internet service provider to troubleshoot any potential issues.

Pause and Resume Downloads

If you notice that your download speeds are particularly slow, try pausing and resuming the download. This can sometimes help to refresh the download and improve its speed. To do this, go to your PS4’s home screen, select the game or update you’re trying to download, and press the Options button on your controller. Then, select “Pause” and wait a few seconds before selecting “Resume.”

Change DNS Settings

Another potential solution is to change your PS4’s DNS settings. This can help to improve download speeds by connecting to a different DNS server. To do this, go to your PS4’s Settings, then select “Network,” and then “Set Up Internet Connection.” Choose either Wi-Fi or LAN depending on your connection type, and then select “Custom.” When prompted to choose a DNS setting, select “Manual” and enter the following DNS addresses: Primary DNS – and Secondary DNS – Save your settings and try downloading again.

Put Your PS4 in Rest Mode

Putting your PS4 in rest mode can also help to speed up downloads. This is because the console will use less power and resources while in rest mode, allowing for faster downloads. To put your PS4 in rest mode, go to the Power options in your Settings and select “Enter Rest Mode.” Make sure to leave your PS4 in rest mode until the download is complete.

Rebuild Database

If you’re still experiencing slow download speeds, try rebuilding your PS4’s database. This can help to improve overall system performance and may also help with download speeds. To do this, turn off your PS4 and then hold down the power button until you hear two beeps. This will boot your PS4 into Safe Mode. From there, select “Rebuild Database” and wait for the process to complete.

By following these tips, you can hopefully improve your PlayStation 4’s download speeds and enjoy your games and updates without the frustration of slow downloads. Have you tried any of these solutions? Let us know in the comments.

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