How To Restore Recently Closed Tabs In Google Chrome

How to Restore Recently Closed Tabs in Google Chrome

If you are desktop user and regularly user internet, then it’s not possible that you are not aware about Google Chrome Browser. Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the best and widely used browser in desktop as well as on Mobile. Google Chrome Browser is used because of its versatile design and awesome speed.

Google Chrome is also used by developers due to its exceptional developer tools. This browser has number of developer tools to test website with different angles. This browser also supports large number of extensions which make this browser number one option for users.

Where millions of people using google chrome browser, many of them facing some problems while using it. The main problem faced by mostly users is how to reopen closed tab in chrome.

If you accidentally close some important tabs on Google Chrome and not have enough time to go to history and reopen the tabs. Then you are near to find the various quick methods to reopen the closed tabs in Google Chrome.

Method 1:

If you unintenionaly close the important tab or window in Chrome, No worry there is a short cut key to reopen the close tabs.

Use: Ctrl + Shift + T    to restore the recently closed tabs Google browser.

Google Chrome tabs restore method 1

If tab is closed accidentally press CTRL + Shift + T and hurrah! you tab is back. If you want to restore multiple closed tabs, then press these keys again and again depending how many pages you want to restore.

Method 2:

Another easy way to restore the closed tabs in Google chrome is through mouse. Right click on Chrome’s Title bar and select option Reopen closed Tabs. This is shortcut from mouse if you want to restore closed tabs.

Google Chrome tabs restore method 2

If your chrome browser accidentally closed (because chrome not give warning on closing like other browsers) or crash for any reason, then you can also restore all tabs opened last time with both methods.

I hope this guide helps you! Thank you.

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