How to Print Double-Sided in Microsoft Word

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Printing double-sided can save paper and make your documents look more professional. However, figuring out how to print double-sided in Microsoft Word can be a bit tricky. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to print double-sided in Microsoft Word.

Check Your Printer

Before attempting to print double-sided, make sure your printer is capable of duplex printing. Some printers have this feature built-in, while others may require a duplex unit to be installed. If you are unsure, check your printer’s manual or do a quick online search to see if your printer supports double-sided printing.

Set Up Your Document

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To print double-sided, you will need to set up your document correctly. In Microsoft Word, go to the “Layout” tab and click on “Margins.” From the drop-down menu, select “Custom Margins.” In the “Pages” section, select “Mirror Margins” and click “OK.” This will ensure that your document is formatted correctly for double-sided printing.

Print Double-Sided

Once your document is set up, you can print double-sided. Go to the “File” tab and click on “Print.” In the print settings, look for an option that says “Print on Both Sides” or “Duplex Printing.” Select this option and click “Print.” Your document will now print double-sided.


If your document does not print double-sided, there may be a few reasons why. First, make sure your printer is set up for duplex printing. If it is, check your printer’s settings to make sure it is set to print double-sided. If you are still having trouble, try printing a test page to see if the issue is with your document or your printer.

Duplex Paper

If you want to print double-sided but don’t have a printer that supports duplex printing, you can use duplex paper. This paper has a different texture on each side, allowing you to print on both sides without the ink bleeding through. Simply load the paper into your printer and print as you normally would.

Double Sided Photo Printing

Printing photos double-sided can be a bit more complicated. First, make sure your printer supports double-sided printing and that you have the correct paper loaded. Next, open your photo in Microsoft Word and go to the “Layout” tab. Click on “Margins” and select “Custom Margins.” In the “Pages” section, select “Mirror Margins” and click “OK.” Then, go to the “Insert” tab and click on “Pictures.” Select your photo and click “Insert.” Resize the photo to fit within the margins and print as you normally would.


Printing double-sided in Microsoft Word may seem daunting, but with the right setup and settings, it can be a simple and efficient process. Remember to check your printer’s capabilities and set up your document correctly before attempting to print double-sided. With these tips, you can save paper and create professional-looking documents with ease.

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