How to Preload Games on Xbox Series X and S (No Purchase Necessary)

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The release of the Xbox Series X and S has brought with it a wave of excitement for gamers. With the promise of faster load times, better graphics, and a larger game library, it’s no wonder that many are eager to get their hands on the new console. But what if you could start playing some of the most highly anticipated games before they even hit the shelves? With the ability to preload games on the Xbox Series X and S, you can do just that. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to preload games on your new console, without having to make a purchase.

What is Preloading?

Before we dive into the steps, let’s first understand what preloading means. Preloading is the process of downloading a game onto your console before its official release date. This allows you to start playing the game as soon as it becomes available, without having to wait for the download to complete. This is especially useful for highly anticipated games that may have large file sizes and take a while to download.

Check for Preload Availability

Not all games are available for preloading, so the first step is to check if the game you want to play has this option. You can do this by going to the game’s page on the Microsoft Store and looking for the “Pre-install” button. If the button is available, then you can proceed with preloading the game.

Preloading on Xbox Series X and S

To preload a game on your Xbox Series X or S, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to “My Games & Apps”

On your console’s home screen, navigate to “My Games & Apps” using the controller.

Step 2: Select “Full Library”

In the “My Games & Apps” menu, select “Full Library” to view all the games in your library.

Step 3: Find the Game

Scroll through your game library to find the game you want to preload. You can also use the search bar to quickly find the game.

Step 4: Select “Manage Game and Add-ons”

Once you’ve found the game, select “Manage Game and Add-ons” to open the game’s management menu.

Step 5: Select “Manage Installation”

In the game’s management menu, select “Manage Installation” to view the game’s installation options.

Step 6: Select “Pre-install”

Finally, select “Pre-install” to start the preloading process. The game will now start downloading onto your console, and you’ll be able to start playing as soon as it’s released.

Benefits of Preloading

Preloading games on your Xbox Series X or S has several benefits. Not only does it allow you to start playing the game as soon as it’s released, but it also ensures that you have a smooth gaming experience without any interruptions or delays due to slow downloads. Additionally, preloading also allows you to manage your game library more efficiently, as you can schedule downloads during off-peak hours.

With these simple steps, you can start preloading games on your Xbox Series X or S and be one of the first to experience the latest and greatest games. So, keep an eye out for preloading availability and get ready to dive into your favorite games as soon as they’re released. Happy gaming!

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