How to pair billboard bluetooth speaker

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Billboard bluetooth speakers are known for their high-quality sound and audio performance. However, in order to fully enjoy these features, you need to know how to properly pair your speaker with your device. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of pairing your billboard bluetooth speaker for the best sound quality.

Step 1: Turn on your speaker

The first step is to turn on your billboard bluetooth speaker. Most models have a power button located on the top or side of the speaker. Press and hold this button until the speaker turns on and the LED light starts flashing.

Step 2: Enable Bluetooth on your device

Next, you need to enable Bluetooth on the device you want to pair with your speaker. This can usually be done by going into your device’s settings and selecting the Bluetooth option. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on and your device is discoverable.

Step 3: Put your speaker in pairing mode

To put your billboard bluetooth speaker in pairing mode, press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker until the LED light starts flashing rapidly. This indicates that the speaker is now in pairing mode and ready to connect to your device.

Step 4: Select your speaker on your device

On your device, you should now see a list of available Bluetooth devices. Look for your billboard speaker on the list and select it to connect. If prompted, enter the default passcode for your speaker, which is usually “0000” or “1234”.

Step 5: Confirm successful pairing

Once your device has successfully paired with your billboard speaker, the LED light on the speaker will stop flashing and remain solid. You may also receive a notification on your device confirming the successful pairing. You can now start playing audio through your speaker.

Tips for optimal sound quality

  • Keep your device within 33 feet of the speaker for the best connection.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions between your device and the speaker.
  • Keep your speaker away from other electronic devices that may cause interference.
  • Adjust the volume on both your device and the speaker for the best sound quality.


If you are having trouble pairing your billboard bluetooth speaker, try the following steps:

  • Make sure your speaker is fully charged.
  • Turn off and on both your device and the speaker.
  • Forget the speaker on your device and try pairing again.
  • Reset your speaker by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds.

If you are still experiencing issues, consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

By following these steps, you can easily pair your billboard bluetooth speaker and enjoy its high-quality sound and audio performance. Have any other tips for pairing bluetooth speakers? Let us know in the comments.

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