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If you’re a new Macbook user, you may be wondering how to open a USB drive on your device. Unlike Windows computers, Macbooks do not have a designated USB port, so it may seem confusing at first. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this step-by-step guide on how to open a USB drive on your Macbook.

Plug in the USB Drive

The first step is to physically plug in the USB drive to your Macbook. You will need a USB-C to USB adapter, as Macbooks only have USB-C ports. Once you have the adapter, simply plug in the USB drive to the adapter and then plug the adapter into your Macbook.

Locate the USB Drive

Once you have plugged in the USB drive, it should appear on your desktop as a removable drive. If it does not appear, you can also locate it by opening Finder and looking for the drive under the “Devices” section. The USB drive will have a name, such as “Untitled” or “USB Drive.”

Double Click to Open

To open the USB drive, simply double click on its icon on your desktop or in Finder. This will open the drive and display its contents. If the USB drive contains any files or folders, you will be able to see them here.

Eject the USB Drive

Once you are finished using the USB drive, it is important to properly eject it from your Macbook. This ensures that all data is saved and the drive is safely removed. To eject the USB drive, simply right click on its icon and select “Eject” from the drop-down menu. You can also drag the USB drive’s icon to the trash can, which will change to an eject symbol when you hover over it.

Safely Remove the USB Drive

After ejecting the USB drive, it is safe to physically remove it from your Macbook. Make sure to remove the USB-C to USB adapter as well. You can now use the USB drive on another device or store it safely.


If your USB drive does not appear on your desktop or in Finder, there may be an issue with the drive itself or the adapter. Try plugging the USB drive into another device to see if it works. If it does, then the issue may be with the adapter. Try using a different adapter or contacting the manufacturer for assistance.


Opening a USB drive on a Macbook may seem daunting at first, but it is a simple process once you know how to do it. By following these steps, you can easily plug in and open a USB drive on your Macbook. Remember to always properly eject the drive before removing it to avoid any data loss. Happy connecting!

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