How to Disable Swipe Typing on the iPhone’s Keyboard

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The iPhone’s keyboard has many useful features, including the ability to swipe to type. This feature, also known as “QuickPath,” allows users to quickly type out words by swiping their finger across the keyboard instead of tapping each individual letter. While this feature can be convenient for some, it may not be for everyone. If you find yourself accidentally swiping instead of tapping, or if you simply prefer the traditional typing method, you may want to disable swipe typing on your iPhone’s keyboard. In this article, we will show you how to do just that.

Accessing Keyboard Settings

To disable swipe typing, you will need to access your iPhone’s keyboard settings. To do this, open the Settings app and tap on “General.” Then, scroll down and tap on “Keyboard.” Here, you will find various options for customizing your keyboard.

Disabling Swipe Typing

Under the “Keyboard” settings, you will see an option for “Slide to Type.” This is the feature that allows you to swipe to type. To disable it, simply toggle the switch to the off position. You will know it is off when the switch is no longer green.

Using Third-Party Keyboards

If you prefer to use a third-party keyboard, such as Google’s Gboard or SwiftKey, you may not have the option to disable swipe typing in your iPhone’s settings. In this case, you will need to access the keyboard’s settings within the app itself. For example, in Gboard, you can disable swipe typing by going to “Settings” > “Gboard” > “Keyboard Settings” > “Glide Typing” and toggling the switch to the off position.

Benefits of Disabling Swipe Typing

While swipe typing can be a convenient feature, there are some benefits to disabling it. For one, it can help prevent accidental swipes while typing, which can lead to typos and frustration. Additionally, some users may find that they type faster and more accurately with the traditional tapping method. Disabling swipe typing can also help conserve battery life, as the feature requires more processing power.

Other Text Input Options

If you are looking for alternative text input options on your iPhone, there are a few other features you can try. One is the “Dictation” feature, which allows you to speak your text instead of typing it. To use this feature, simply tap on the microphone icon on your keyboard and speak your message. Another option is to use the “Predictive” feature, which suggests words as you type and can help speed up the typing process.


Disabling swipe typing on your iPhone’s keyboard is a simple process that can help improve your typing experience. Whether you prefer the traditional tapping method or just want to avoid accidental swipes, this feature can be easily turned off in your iPhone’s settings. And if you prefer to use a third-party keyboard, you can still disable swipe typing within the app’s settings. Try out different text input options to find what works best for you.

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