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With the release of Windows 11, many users are wondering how to convert their HEIC images to JPG format. HEIC (High Efficiency Image Format) is a relatively new image format that offers better compression and quality compared to JPG. However, it is not yet widely supported by all devices and software, making it difficult to share and view HEIC images. In this article, we will discuss how to convert HEIC to JPG on Windows 11 using various methods.

Using an Online Converter

One of the easiest ways to convert HEIC to JPG on Windows 11 is by using an online converter. There are many free online converters available that allow you to upload your HEIC images and convert them to JPG format. Some popular options include HEICtoJPG, CloudConvert, and Zamzar. These converters are user-friendly and do not require any software installation. Simply upload your HEIC images, select the output format as JPG, and click on the convert button. The converted images will be available for download in a matter of seconds.

Using a Dedicated Software

If you frequently need to convert HEIC images to JPG, it may be more convenient to use a dedicated software for the task. There are many image converter software available for Windows 11, such as Adobe Photoshop, XnConvert, and ACDSee Photo Studio. These software offer more advanced features and options for converting images, such as batch conversion and customizable output settings. However, they may come at a cost and require some time to learn how to use them effectively.

Using the Windows Photos App

Windows 11 comes with a built-in Photos app that can also be used to convert HEIC to JPG. To do this, simply open the Photos app and select the HEIC images you want to convert. Then, click on the “…” button in the top right corner and select “Save as”. Choose JPG as the output format and click on “Save”. The Photos app will automatically convert the selected images to JPG and save them in the same location as the original HEIC images.

Using a File Converter Software

Another option for converting HEIC to JPG on Windows 11 is by using a file converter software. These software are specifically designed to convert various file formats, including images. Some popular options include FileZigZag, File Converter, and AnyConv. These software offer a simple and straightforward interface, making it easy to convert HEIC images to JPG. However, they may not offer as many features as dedicated image converter software.


Converting HEIC to JPG on Windows 11 is a simple process that can be done using various methods. Whether you prefer using an online converter, dedicated software, or the built-in Photos app, there are plenty of options available. By following these methods, you can easily convert your HEIC images to JPG and share them with others without any compatibility issues. Have you tried any of these methods? Let us know in the comments.

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