How to change my outlook view back to normal

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Outlook is a popular email and calendar management software used by millions of people around the world. With its customizable interface, users can personalize their view to suit their preferences. However, sometimes these settings can get changed accidentally, leaving users wondering how to restore their Outlook view back to normal. In this article, we will discuss the steps to restore Outlook to its default view.

Check Your View Settings

The first step to restoring your Outlook view is to check your view settings. Sometimes, users may accidentally change their view settings, causing their Outlook to look different. To check your view settings, go to the View tab on the top menu bar and click on the “Change View” option. From here, you can select the “Manage Views” option to see all the available views. If you see a view that says “Current View: something other than “Messages””, then you have accidentally changed your view settings. Simply select the “Messages” view to restore your Outlook to its default view.

Reset to Default View

If checking your view settings did not solve the issue, you can reset your Outlook to its default view. To do this, go to the View tab and click on the “Reset View” option. This will reset your current view to the default view. If you have multiple email accounts set up in Outlook, make sure to select the correct account before resetting the view.

Use the Navigation Pane

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Another way to restore your Outlook view is by using the Navigation Pane. This pane allows you to quickly switch between different views, such as Mail, Calendar, and Contacts. If you are currently in a different view, simply click on the Mail option in the Navigation Pane to switch back to the default view.

Reinstall Outlook

If none of the above methods work, you may need to reinstall Outlook. This should only be done as a last resort, as it will reset all your settings and preferences. To reinstall Outlook, go to your Control Panel and select “Uninstall a program”. Find Microsoft Outlook in the list of programs and click on “Uninstall”. Once the program is uninstalled, you can reinstall it from the Microsoft website or using your installation disc.

Contact Microsoft Support

If you are still having trouble restoring your Outlook view, you can contact Microsoft support for further assistance. They may be able to provide you with specific troubleshooting steps or help you identify any underlying issues that may be causing the problem.


In conclusion, there are a few simple steps you can take to restore your Outlook view back to normal. By checking your view settings, resetting to default view, using the Navigation Pane, or reinstalling Outlook, you can easily fix any changes made to your view. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to Microsoft support for help. With these tips, you can quickly get your Outlook back to its default view and continue managing your emails and calendar with ease.

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