How to build in fortnite on keyboard and mouse

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Fortnite has become one of the most popular games in the world, with millions of players competing to be the last one standing. While many players use controllers to play, using a keyboard and mouse can give you a competitive edge. However, building in Fortnite on keyboard and mouse can be a bit tricky for those who are used to playing with a controller. In this article, we will discuss some tips and techniques to help you build like a pro on keyboard and mouse.

Adjust Your Mouse Sensitivity

The first step to building effectively on keyboard and mouse is to adjust your mouse sensitivity. This is the speed at which your cursor moves on the screen. If your sensitivity is too high, it can be difficult to accurately place your building pieces. If it is too low, you may struggle to keep up with fast-paced building battles. Experiment with different sensitivity settings until you find one that feels comfortable for you.

Practice Your Keybinds

One of the biggest advantages of using a keyboard and mouse in Fortnite is the ability to customize your keybinds. This means you can assign specific keys to different building pieces, making it easier and faster to build in the heat of battle. Take some time to practice and find keybinds that work best for you. You can also watch tutorials or ask for recommendations from experienced players.

Use the Building Menu

If you are new to building in Fortnite on keyboard and mouse, the building menu can be a lifesaver. By pressing the designated key (usually “Q”), you can bring up a menu that allows you to select which building piece you want to use. This can be especially helpful when you are in a rush and need to quickly switch between building pieces.

Master the 90-Degree Turn

One of the most important building techniques in Fortnite is the 90-degree turn. This involves quickly rotating your character while building a ramp or wall to create a protective structure. To do this on keyboard and mouse, you will need to press the designated key for your building piece (e.g. “F” for a wall) and then quickly press the designated key for your rotate button (e.g. “R”). This may take some practice, but mastering the 90-degree turn can give you a huge advantage in battles.

Don’t Forget About Editing

In addition to building, editing is also an important aspect of Fortnite gameplay. With keyboard and mouse, you can quickly and easily edit your building pieces to create windows, doors, and other openings. Make sure to practice your editing skills so you can efficiently make changes to your structures during battles.

By following these tips and techniques, you can improve your building skills in Fortnite on keyboard and mouse. Remember to also stay updated on the latest strategies and techniques used by top players. With practice and determination, you can become a master builder in Fortnite. Have any other tips for building on keyboard and mouse? Let us know in the comments.

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