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With the rise of remote work and virtual meetings, video conferencing has become an essential tool for communication. Zoom, in particular, has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface and features. One of these features is the ability to blur your background during a video call. This can be useful for maintaining privacy or hiding a messy room. In this article, we will discuss how to blur your background in Zoom on Windows 10.

Why Blur Your Background in Zoom?

Maintain Privacy

In today’s world, privacy is a growing concern. With video conferencing, it can be challenging to control what others see in your background. By blurring your background, you can maintain your privacy and keep your personal space hidden from others.

Hide a Messy Room

We’ve all been there – a last-minute video call catches us in a messy room. Instead of scrambling to clean up, you can simply blur your background and avoid any embarrassment. This feature is especially useful for those who work from home and may not have a dedicated office space.

Professional Appearance

Blurring your background can also give a more professional appearance during a video call. It eliminates any distractions and allows others to focus on you and your presentation.

How to Blur Your Background in Zoom on Windows 10

Step 1: Download the Zoom App

The first step to blurring your background in Zoom is to download the Zoom app on your Windows 10 device. You can download the app from the Zoom website or the Microsoft Store.

Step 2: Log in to Your Account

Once you have downloaded the app, log in to your Zoom account. If you do not have an account, you can create one for free.

Step 3: Join a Meeting

To blur your background, you must be in a Zoom meeting. You can join a meeting by clicking on the “Join” button on the home screen of the Zoom app. You will need the meeting ID and password to join a meeting.

Step 4: Start Video

Once you have joined the meeting, click on the “Start Video” button at the bottom of the screen. This will turn on your camera and allow others to see you.

Step 5: Click on the Arrow Next to the Video Icon

Next to the video icon, you will see a small arrow. Click on this arrow to open a menu with video settings.

Step 6: Select “Choose Virtual Background”

From the menu, select “Choose Virtual Background.” This will open a new window with virtual background options.

Step 7: Enable “I have a green screen”

If you have a green screen, you can enable this option for a more seamless background blur. If you do not have a green screen, you can still blur your background without this option.

Step 8: Select “Blur”

Under the virtual background options, select “Blur.” This will blur your background during the video call.

Step 9: Join the Meeting

Click on the “Join” button to join the meeting with your blurred background. You can now communicate with others without worrying about your background.

Tips for a Successful Background Blur


To achieve a successful background blur, it is essential to have proper lighting. Make sure you are in a well-lit room, and avoid sitting in front of a window or bright light source. This can cause your background to appear distorted or unevenly blurred.

Distance from the Camera

The distance between you and the camera can also affect the quality of your background blur. It is best to sit at least two feet away from the camera to achieve a smooth blur.

Avoid Busy Patterns

When choosing a virtual background, it is best to avoid busy patterns or bright colors. These can be distracting and may not blur as smoothly as a solid color or simple pattern.

Test Before the Meeting

Before joining a meeting, it is a good idea to test your background blur. You can do this by starting a test meeting with yourself or a friend. This will allow you to adjust your lighting and distance from the camera for the best results.

Troubleshooting Background Blur Issues

Poor Internet Connection

If you are experiencing issues with your background blur, it may be due to a poor internet connection. Make sure you have a stable internet connection before joining a meeting.

Outdated Zoom App

If you are using an outdated version of the Zoom app, you may experience issues with the background blur feature. Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your device.

Incompatible Device

Not all devices are compatible with the background blur feature on Zoom. If you are using an older device, you may not be able to blur your background. Check the system requirements on the Zoom website to ensure your device is compatible.


Blurring your background in Zoom can be a useful tool for maintaining privacy, hiding a messy room, or giving a more professional appearance during a video call. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily blur your background in Zoom on Windows 10. Remember to test your background blur before joining a meeting and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. With this feature, you can confidently join video calls without worrying about your background.

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