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If you own a Dell laptop, you may need to know the model of your device for various reasons, such as upgrading your hardware or troubleshooting technical issues. However, finding the model of your Dell laptop may not be as straightforward as you think. In this article, we will discuss the different ways you can find your Dell laptop model.

Check the bottom of your laptop

The easiest way to find your Dell laptop model is by checking the bottom of your device. Most Dell laptops have a sticker on the bottom that contains important information about your device, including the model number. Look for a sticker with the Dell logo and a series of numbers and letters. The model number is usually located near the center of the sticker and may be labeled as “Model” or “Model Number.”

Check the BIOS or System Information

If you are unable to find the model number on the bottom of your laptop, you can also check the BIOS or System Information. To access the BIOS, restart your laptop and press the F2 key repeatedly until the BIOS menu appears. Once in the BIOS, you should be able to find the model number under the “System Information” or “System Summary” tab. If your laptop is already turned on, you can also access the System Information by typing “System Information” in the search bar and opening the corresponding app.

Check the Dell Support website

If you are still unable to find your Dell laptop model, you can also check the Dell Support website. Go to the Dell Support website and click on the “Products” tab. From there, you can either enter your Service Tag or select your product from the list of available options. Once you have selected your product, you will be able to see the model number under the “Product Details” section.

Check the original packaging or receipt

If you still have the original packaging or receipt for your Dell laptop, you can also find the model number there. The model number is usually listed on the box or receipt along with other important information about your device. If you have thrown away the packaging or receipt, you can also check your email for the order confirmation, which should also contain the model number.

Contact Dell Support

If all else fails, you can always contact Dell Support for assistance. You can either call their customer service hotline or use their online chat support. Make sure to have your laptop’s serial number or service tag ready, as they may ask for this information to help you find your model number.

By following these steps, you should be able to find the model number of your Dell laptop. Knowing your laptop model can help you with troubleshooting and finding compatible hardware and software for your device. If you are still having trouble finding your model number, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dell Support for assistance.

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