Does Calendly Integrate With Microsoft Teams?

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In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s essential to have efficient and seamless communication and scheduling tools. Two popular options for businesses are Calendly and Microsoft Teams. But do these two platforms integrate with each other? In this article, we’ll explore the possibility of integrating Calendly with Microsoft Teams and how it can benefit your team.

What is Calendly?

Calendly is a popular scheduling tool that allows users to easily schedule meetings and appointments without the back-and-forth of email communication. It syncs with your calendar and allows you to set your availability and share a link with others to schedule a meeting at a time that works for both parties. Calendly is used by businesses of all sizes and has become a go-to tool for scheduling efficiency.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that allows teams to communicate and work together in one place. It offers features such as chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and more. It’s a popular choice for businesses that want to streamline their communication and collaboration processes.

Calendly Integration with Microsoft Teams

The short answer is yes, Calendly does integrate with Microsoft Teams. This integration allows users to schedule meetings directly from within the Microsoft Teams platform. This means that you can easily schedule a meeting with your team or clients without having to switch between different platforms.

How to Integrate Calendly with Microsoft Teams

Integrating Calendly with Microsoft Teams is a simple process. First, you’ll need to have a Calendly account and a Microsoft Teams account. Then, follow these steps:

  1. In your Calendly account, go to the “Integrations” tab and select “Microsoft Teams.”
  2. Click on “Connect” and sign in to your Microsoft Teams account.
  3. Once connected, you can choose which Microsoft Teams channel you want to receive notifications for new Calendly events.
  4. You can also customize the notification message that will be sent to the channel.

Benefits of Calendly-Microsoft Teams Integration

Integrating Calendly with Microsoft Teams offers several benefits for businesses, including:

  • Streamlined scheduling: With the integration, you can schedule meetings directly from within Microsoft Teams, saving time and eliminating the need to switch between platforms.
  • Real-time notifications: When a new event is scheduled through Calendly, a notification will be sent to the designated Microsoft Teams channel, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Improved collaboration: By having all team members on the same platform, it’s easier to collaborate and communicate effectively.
  • Increased productivity: With a more efficient scheduling process, teams can focus on their work and be more productive.


In conclusion, Calendly does integrate with Microsoft Teams, making it a powerful combination for businesses looking to streamline their communication and scheduling processes. With this integration, teams can save time, improve collaboration, and increase productivity. So if you’re using both Calendly and Microsoft Teams, it’s definitely worth considering integrating the two for a more seamless experience. Have you tried this integration? Let us know in the comments.

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