Different Types Of Processors 2020

Different Types Of Processors


A processor is the main component and also known as the brain of a computer. It is a chip or a logical circuit that makes the computer work and is responsible for every action taking place, just like the role of the brain in a human body. It responds and processes every instruction you send. In a way, a processor does the fetching, decoding, executing, and carrying out the operation from instructions. It has two parts, i.e., ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) and CU (Control Unit). Both regions have different roles and collectively run the CPU. The ALU is responsible for mathematical operations such as division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. Whereas the CU controls and manages the traffic that comes out of the processor or goes into it. Moreover, it communicates with attached external peripherals such as input/ output and memory/storage devices and carries out commands.



A processor is the main driving force behind a computer or a laptop. It is considered the brain of a device because it controls every arithmetic, logic, controlling, and input/ output operations as specified by embedded instructions. As you know, it plays an important role, and without it, the computer does not function; therefore, you should carefully choose your processor.


Two companies are dominating the tech market with their PC processors. Both have been established for decades and have the name of the main supplier for home and business computers. Intel and AMD make processors specific for computers and laptops, whereas other companies focus on smartphones and tablet processors.

These companies go side by side and consider rivals who continuously want to beat each other in terms of their processor benchmark and market shares. They have identical shape chips and make almost similar products. However, some run benchmarks on both processors before choosing the best suitable because they compete and beat each other at some point.

The Intel has Pentium, Celeron and Core line for a desktop computer, whereas AMD has Athlon, Sempron, and Phenom series.

They offer processors in three categories, such as:

BUDGET PROCESSORS: These processors, as per name says, have price budget range but have lower performance quality. It is a reasonable choice if you want to upgrade your system because it costs less and also consumes less power. In this range, AMD has the Sempron processor series, and Intel has the Celeron processor line.

MAINSTREAM PROCESSORS: These are considerably more costly than a budget laptop and offer twice the performance. It consumes much power and sometimes not a good option if you are looking to upgrade. It is mostly used on old motherboards, but some features might not work on some. If you want to choose this line of processor, you should look into motherboard compatibility, power supply, and RAM. AMD has Athlon series in this range, whereas Intel offers Pentium processor series.

DUAL-CORE PROCESSORS: The dual-core processors are the fastest because they have double core instead of single like in the above series. These have increased their performance by 25% to 75% as compared to the previous series. Such processors are great for multitasking and working on high-level tasks. The new model of computers and laptops has these processors because of their numerous useful features and performance. Below we have shown in a bit of detail what these processors hold, so when buying a laptop, you would know what you are having.




If you combine two cores in a processor and double the speed of a single-core processor, then, unfortunately, both will not produce the same result. The dual-core processor performs 25% to 75% much faster and better as compared to a single core. Due to the dual-core, the traffic flow is fluid and a lot quicker, which results in fast speed and smooth multitasking. Some of the highlighted features and perks you get are great desktop performance, low power consumption, and multitasking with no lag.


It is a dual-core processor that Intel launched in back January 2010. This processor additionally has an integrated graphics card and a hyper-threading technology. Due to extra features, it works like a quad-core processor and great for beginner level gaming. If you wish to play high-level games, then you should install an additional graphics card in your PC for a smoother and pleasant experience. Overall, the highlighted features are hyper-threading, 3MB cache, and double core, and it is a lot cheaper.


It is more advanced than the previous and has quad-core, meaning it features four cores, whereas above i3 has two cores. It does not possess hyper-threading; instead, it has enabled Turbo Boost technology. This technology shuts off the core when not needed and results in low power usage. These have a better cache and ranges from 3MB to 8MB.

As for the main features, it has Turbo boost technology, four cores, 3-8 MB cache, and is considered as mid-range processor and graphics card.


It is the powerful and best processor, launched in 2009. The i7 has both four cores and hyper-threading technology, which makes it faster in terms of any operation. Hyper-threading technology gives it the power to work as an 8-core processor by dividing the flow and getting work done in minimum time. It further increases the MB range from 4 to 8. Due to all these specs, it is costly considering the best you can get for yourself.

To count its main features in a nutshell, it got four cores, eight threads, enabled turbo boost, hyper-threading, and high cache range. Collectively you get powerhouse perfect for high-level gaming and intensive tasks.


The i9 processor is the latest addition to the line and considers the fastest that was launched in September 2017. It has twofold updated features from a previous processor. This processor features a whopping ten cores, 20 threads, and took the cache range to 20MB. It has both enabled hyper-threading technology and a new Intel Thermal velocity boost. It is highly costly to this date due to high-tech features. You can get the best experience of everything with this super-fast processor. The Laptops with Core i9 Processor also come with the latest features like thunderbolt 3 port high gaming specification.


Intel manufactures Xeon Processors, especially for workstations and servers. They do not target the consumer market but instead are for specific purposes. These have a lot of cores, threads, a large number of cache, high processing speed, and massive RAM. If you are planning to work on intensive tasks like artificial intelligence, 3D modeling and rendering, servers, and content creation, then this is a perfect fit. Also, large companies like Google, Microsoft, and AWS use Xeon processors for cloud computing.

The Intel Xeon processor is, by all means, a much better choice than the i7 processor. It has ten times more memory than the maximum 64 GB processor. A large number of cores and support-error correction code feature allows the Xeon processor to have a large amount of RAM.


When you are buying a laptop or an Intel processor, you will see the term ‘Generation’ along with i3, i5, i7, and i9 processors. It shows that it possesses new and improved development in both performance and architecture in the same processor. For example, the 8th generation i5 processor will have more advanced components and better performance as compared to the 7th gen i5 processor.




It is an introductory level processor with only two cores. The A4 is for using low-end computing tasks such as web surfing or editing documents etc. it further includes a Radeon Graphics chip that gives decent performance for casual use.


A6 is also a dual-core processor but with a bit updated features than a previous one. It has a Tubo function that controls and improves speed. Moreover, A6 has an integrated graphics card, which serves as a basic level choice.


You can compare A8 with the Intel i3 processor due to the similar features it holds. Both have four cores, but AMD A8 has a better graphics chip than Intel i3. Therefore, you can easily play lighter games and enjoy double perks.


It is the last edition to this line of processors and comparable to the intel i5 processor. It also has four cores and the same graphics card. However, it beats the i5 in the battery life segment because it has a longer span.


Here is the comparison between the product quality of two companies:

PROCESSING POWER: Intel makes the best processor with excellent processing power as compared to AMD. Some AMD processors with six cores do not perform better than Intel i5 with four cores. However, this is not true every time because AMD is powerful enough for a gamer.

HYPER-THREADING TECHNOLOGY: Only Intel’s processor owns these features, which makes them stand out and perform pretty well even with low numbers of cores.

POWER CONSUMPTION: AMD processors consume way much power as compared to Intel’s processors. Therefore, the latter is a lot cheaper in terms of power bills.

GRAPHICS CHIP: AMD excels in this category due to great design. It has made a single chip for a processor and graphical processor. In this way, you can save money and get both benefits, and it works reasonably well. On the other hand, if money is not the problem, then you buy an Intel processor and a discrete graphics card separately. In this way, you can achieve better and faster performance as compared to a single AMD chip.

PRICE: In terms of price, AMD is a lot cheaper than Intel even to this day. But AMD also has expensive chips that work better and have more power than Intel’s processors.


Two companies manufacture PC processors, Intel and AMD. Both have three different lines according to characteristics and budget.
A processor is the main component of a CPU and also known as a computer brain. It is three major types and differs from each other in terms of budget, functions, and architecture.
There are mostly single-core processors, while new processors include two cores, which are known as dual-core processors. New models now include four cores, known as the quad-core. However, some high-tech CPUs have multiple cores allowing more speed and smoother workflow.
Intel Core m or Intel Core i5/i7 Y-series is the best choice for laptops. It offers fast processing speed and long battery life.
A laptop has a minimum of one or two processors. You can check it yourself by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc, which launches Task Manager. Then go to the performance tab and see specifications and working of your CPU.

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