Best Mouse for Wrist Pain

10 Best Mouse for Wrist Pain 2022

Every minute spent at a computer desk increases your risk of developing joint discomfort. Carpal tunnel syndrome, and other wrist-related problems, whether you spend long hours at a computer every day or merely sit down to check your emails on occasion. Finding the most excellent ergonomic mouse for your specific setup will help alleviate the common causes of these issues by allowing your wrist and hand to retain a more natural position while reducing tension in the area’s tendons and nerve pathways.

Long-term problems like tendonitis and arthritis are persistent in office environments since any activities that involve repetitive hand movements and abnormal hand positions risk inflaming the sensitive parts of the hand. While excellent practices and preventative measures like stretching, massage, and muscle rest can help mitigate this effect, it’s just as crucial to employ ergonomic workplace accessories to address the underlying root of these problems.

Users who are already suffering these symptoms and those who want to avoid them can all benefit from ergonomic computer peripherals, and ergonomic mice are a great place to start. We’ll go down some of the features of the best ergonomic mice on the market.

The following is the list of the best mouse for wrist pain:

1. Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse

Because of its comfortable hybrid design, adaptability, and a slew of productivity-enhancing capabilities, the Logitech MX Master 3 is the most excellent ergonomic mouse overall. It has a battery life of up to 70 days on a single charge and can be used for up to three hours after just one minute of charging.

A specialized dial and controls on top of the rest provide greater flexibility with less hand movement and work with a variety of operating systems. You can use Bluetooth to connect to up to three different devices. Because it has a horizontal design, it tries to combine the advantages of an ergonomic mouse with the comfort of a regular mouse. A vertical mouse may be preferable for those who have persistent hand difficulties.

Even outside the field of ergonomic computer peripherals, gaming mice are distinguished from standard ones by adopting designs that prioritize comfort, precision, and speed, mainly when used for extended periods.

It’s not uncommon to find designs with a plethora of easy-to-access onboard programmable buttons that allow users to tie specific functions or actions to their specialized mouse while shopping for an ergonomic gaming mouse. This advanced functionality is light years away from what a standard mouse can provide and has applications in gaming, graphic design, video editing, and more.

To ensure that every tiny movement performed translates precisely and precisely to the screen, seek high-speed, low-latency responsiveness and wireless connectivity in the most delicate ergonomic gaming mouse. Users who want to customize the visual style of their PC gaming rig thoroughly should look for an ergonomic gaming mouse with changeable chroma lighting to guarantee that it matches the rest of their computer equipment.

  • most delicate ergonomic gaming mouse
  • ergonomic gaming mouse
  • None


2. Razer DeathAdder V2 – Wired Gaming Mouse

No products found.

Razer’s ergonomic gaming mouse combines ultra-low-latency wireless technology with lightning-fast mechanical switches to provide users with a lightning-quick and pleasant computing experience. With an easy-to-use docking station and detachable connection, the onboard battery can last up to 100 hours of continuous operation. The corners of this mouse are decked out in RGB chroma lights, allowing users to alter its appearance to suit their preferences effortlessly.

Because of its blazing speed, this mouse should thrive in even the most demanding programmes, and the simplicity and responsiveness of its clicking and movement may even aid certain arthritic users. While it is unquestionably the most ergonomic mouse for gaming, it lacks an actual vertical design, limiting its utility for people who already suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Arthritis is an unpleasant but common condition that usually develops due to — or is exacerbated by — repetitive actions such as typing or scrolling with a mouse. The best ergonomic mouse for arthritis allows users to maintain their fingers, hands, and wrists in a position that reduces joint stress, reducing the risk of joint swelling and increasing symptoms. If left untreated or neglected, arthritis-related swelling in the wrist can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, which causes numbness, tingling, and discomfort in the fingers.

Choose the best mouse that allows the hand and wrist to sit naturally, angled with the pinky finger closer to the work surface while looking for an ergonomic mouse for arthritis. It will lessen joint and ligament twisting, as well as pressure in the forearm and wrist area, as well as the overall muscle use required for mouse movement. Look for a model with a thumb rest as well, since this will encourage and help you keep a more neutral resting position.

  • Elegant mouse
  • Decent quality
  • None


3. Logitech Mouse MX Vertical

The Logitech mouse is the best vertical mouse for people living with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers. A 57-degree angle of this mouse keeps the hand in a neutral position during use, preventing forearm twisting and relieving wrist discomfort.  The ergonomic mouse connects to PCs through Bluetooth, USB receiver, or USB-C charging cords, and it has a four-month battery life on a single charge.

Anyone suffering from chronic pain or looking to prevent it will appreciate the relief this form factor and design provides. However, one drawback to this unit is the lack of horizontal scrolling functionality that other trackballs and trackpads offer. The most excellent mouse for productivity is a horizontal ergonomic mouse.

The phrase “horizontal mouse” relates to the user’s palm orientation in the world of computer accessories, which is why most classic computer mice are categorized as horizontal mice. The most OK ergonomic horizontal mouse will combine some of the advantages of vertical mice with traditional designs, allowing users to benefit from some, but not all, of the ergonomic features. Keep in mind that a horizontal mouse will always exert some strain on the wrist and forearm, so it’s not a smart choice for anyone who already has wrist, hand, or arm problems.

When productivity and flexibility are the primary goals, the numerous advantages of using an ergonomic horizontal mouse become clear. An ergonomic horizontal mouse will feel familiar in users’ hands because of its design similarities to regular computer mice, making it an intelligent choice for workplace contexts where equipment will be shared. The usage of an ergonomic horizontal mouse requires no practice, so users can sit down and enjoy a more pleasant experience right away.

  • productivity and flexibility
  • ergonomic horizontal mouse
  • None


4. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse (L6V-00001)
  • Advanced ergonomic design with thumb scoop...
  • Mouse angle and height are designed to place wrist...
  • MicrosofTrack Technology in the mouse gives you...
  • Windows button for one-touch access to the Start...

Microsoft Sculpt is a versatile and portable wireless mouse with a touchpad and a modestly slanted surface, making it the most ergonomic horizontal mouse available. A dedicated button provides quick access to the Start menu for Windows users and connects to users’ systems via a supplied USB transceiver. It is powered by two batteries and can last up to 12 months before replacing. It’s a great choice for Windows users, but it will also work with Mac and other operating systems.

Because of the inherent ergonomic benefits of the design, trackball mouse designs have long been preferred alternatives to regular computer mice. The most delicate trackball mouse eliminates the need for wrist movement entirely, instead of allowing users to operate the pointer with small movements of the fingers or thumbs by rolling the trackball freely in its location. Because a trackball mouse eliminates the requirement for wrist and arm movement on the desktop, the risk of developing or aggravating wrist and arm disorders is very minimal.

Find an ergonomic mouse with a vertical tilt or a tilting trackball for the user’s handrest when clicking and a model with a removable and cleanable trackball for increased longevity and versatility. The modest movement needs of a trackball mouse have advantages beyond the users’ wrists and hands, allowing them to be used in even the tightest of workstation environments and making them a versatile option for productive work in practically any location.

  • most ergonomic horizontal mouse available
  • most delicate trackball mouse
  • None


5. Logitech Ergo M575 New Version Wireless Trackball Mouse

Logitech Ergo M575 New Version Wireless Trackball Mouse, Easy Thumb Control,...
18 Reviews
Logitech Ergo M575 New Version Wireless Trackball Mouse, Easy Thumb Control,...
  • Smooth thumb control, precise tracking: Great...
  • Ergonomic comfort design, relaxed hand and arm:...
  • Perfect for tight workspaces: Because the...
  • Plastic parts in ERGO M575 include post consumer...

The Logitech ERGO M575 combines the most excellent ergonomic mouse design with the extra convenience of a thumb-controlled trackball, allowing users to direct their cursor precisely without having to move their wrist or arm. The ERGO is one of the best trackball mice for tiny places because of this, as well as its simple and compact design. The trackball makes scrolling in all four directions a pleasure, but people with arthritis or thumb difficulties may want to seek elsewhere because it requires so much thumb movement.

You don’t have to waste money to get the benefits of an ergonomic mouse, but you will have to make an effort in terms of style and flexibility if you want to save money on this office equipment. Advanced features such as trackball capabilities and wireless connectivity drive up the price of an ergonomic mouse significantly, so you’ll almost certainly have to choose a design that keeps you linked to your computer via cable and demands some wrist and arm movement.

The best affordable ergonomic mouse will usually have a horizontal design that allows the fingers and hand to naturally fall over the top of the mouse with minimal wrist arching or angling. If you have arthritis pain or carpal tunnel syndrome, investing in a trackball or vertical design makes sense. Still, if you’re searching for a low-impact, easy-to-use ergonomic mouse on a budget, there are lots of options available.

  • benefits of an ergonomic mouse
  • style and flexibility
  • None

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6. Ergonomic mouse Evoluent Vertical Mouse

Evoluent VM4R VerticalMouse 4 Right Hand Ergonomic Mouse with Wired USB...
1,934 Reviews
Evoluent VM4R VerticalMouse 4 Right Hand Ergonomic Mouse with Wired USB...
  • PREVENTS WRIST DISCOMFORT - Evoluent's ergonomic...
  • OFFERS OPTIMUM COMFORT - The VerticalMouse 4 has a...

Vertical mice are nothing new to Evoluent. When they created the world’s first vertical mouse in 2002, they were the forerunners of this design. The mouse comes in three sizes, and it’s critical to choose the proper one for your hand size.

Let’s discuss the mouse’s primary features now, putting the design aside. There is a mouse sensitivity rocker that allows you to adjust the mouse pointer’s sensitivity, and it is by far the greatest DPI changeover implementation I’ve seen on a mouse. Instead of guessing, an LED bar shows you exactly how sensitive the mouse is right now on a scale.

The two primary mouse buttons and an unexpectedly useful middle button are located on the right side of the mouse.  It’s a godsend ergonomically to have a single colossal button that executes this (or any multi-step action) with just one click on Google search or pages with dozens of links I want to open rapidly in the background. A projecting lip on the same side of the mouse cushions your pinky finger as you manipulate the mouse, adding to the mouse’s overall comfort.

As a result, the Evoluent’s form factor will safeguard your wrist like no other. However, it will be less comfortable, even when compared to other vertical mice. It is because the ideal handshake position involves resting your wrist and forearm on their side, which is more boney and has less surface area than rotating your wrist even slightly. If you already have wrist pain, it’s a modest price to pay to keep your condition from worsening.

If you’re in danger of or already suffer wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome, the Evoluent mouse is the most fantastic ergonomic mouse available. You merely want to avoid future wrist problems, the other mice on this list with a less “vertical” design would be a better fit.

  • With an LED indicator, the most intuitive DPI switching is possible.
  • 3rd middle click button is fantastic.
  • It is pretty costly.
  • Compared to another vertical mouse, it’s not as comfortable to use for lengthy periods.


7. Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Vertical Wireless Trackball

Kensington Pro Fit® Ergo Vertical Wireless Trackball (K75326WW)
  • Ergonomist-Approved Design – All-day comfort is...
  • Easy to Use – Uses the same left click right...
  • Premium Precision & Speed – The high-quality...
  • Flexible Wireless Connection Options – Connect...

A mouse’s vertical and trackball design are the most outstanding options when it comes to wrist protection. The first form factor keeps your wrist in a neutral position, while the second reduces the wrist movement required to operate the mouse.

The Kensington Pro Fit combines the best features of both designs to offer a genuinely ergonomic mouse for persons who suffer from wrist strain. Your wrist remains neutral and perfectly still at all times, thanks to the vertically slanted design combined with a thumb-operated trackball. It doesn’t take an ergonomist to see how beneficial that is to your wrist.

The Pro-Fit made me feel right at home in less than 5 minutes. Granted, I’ve used a trackball before, but Kensington deserves recognition for the excellent execution that made this feasible. The trackball itself is the correct size and placement beneath my thumb. The mouse is substantial and stays entirely steady while operating, with no risk of sliding.

Let’s talk about the Pro Fit’s features, including quite a few in the futuristic design. There are nine customizable buttons on the mouse, a physical DPI (mouse sensitivity) slider on the bottom, and dual wifi and Bluetooth connections that allow you to connect the mouse to up to three devices at once (similar to the Logitech MX Vertical).

The disadvantage of the trackball is that it has a steeper learning curve. Specific actions that necessitate simultaneously pressing a mouse button and moving the trackball will take some practice to perfect (such as drag and drop). Some people will never get used to using this style of the mouse. A decent vertical trackball mouse, such as the Kensington Pro Fit, maybe the holy grail of mice for you if you suffer from wrist difficulties like carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • The trackball’s vertical shape keeps the wrist entirely immobile.
  • Nine buttons can be customized.
  • Underneath the mouse is a physical DPI switch.
  • Both wifi and Bluetooth are supported.
  • When compared to a regular vertical mouse, the learning curve is steeper.
  • Trackball may require some lubrication to run well.


8. J-Tech Digital Wired Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse

J-Tech Digital Wired Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse with Adjustable Sensitivity...
2,333 Reviews
J-Tech Digital Wired Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse with Adjustable Sensitivity...

It has a height profile of 5.8″, the J-Tech v628 pillars are high for all of the other mice on our list. It means more surface space for your hand to rest on when using a vertical mouse. The joystick-like form factor also allows you to hold the mouse in various ways, from clutching it to resting your digits gently on the buttons. All of this makes the V628 mouse ideal for folks who have large hands.

When holding the J-Tech V628, the maximum angle of your wrist relative to the desk surface is roughly 40 degrees. It isn’t as noticeable as the majority of the other mice, but it’s still far superior to any standard mouse.

The J-Tech V628 has an actual DPI switch, much like any excellent ergonomic mouse, so that you can modify the mouse sensitivity between 800, 1200, and 1600. Unfortunately, the button is located on the bottom of the mouse, making it difficult to toggle on the fly. The mouse also has a plastic palm rest, which some users will find helpful in cushioning the palm of their hands.

The V628 mouse’s size and weight make it unwieldy, which is a fair complaint (11 ounces compared to 7 ounces for the Evoluent Mouse 4). It is especially true for persons with small hands or who try to control the mouse with their forearm rather than their wrist.

For a reason, the J-Tech V628 was our top pick for the most delicate vertical mouse of 2019. It’s the cheapest of all the mice on this list, and it lets you hold it in a variety of directions for maximum comfort. However, the height profile and weight are still best suited for persons who have larger hands.

  • For persons with larger hands, this profile is ideal.
  • Because of its unique shape, it can hold in a variety of ways.
  • Palm rest that can be removed
  • None


9. Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE, Wireless FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE, Wireless FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse with Slipstream...
  • Three ways to connect: sub-1ms SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS...
  • Play with pinpoint accuracy and precision thanks...
  • Hyper-polling technology communicates with your PC...
  • Charges with an easy-to-use, reversible USB-C...

It is a mouse designed for gamers. It’s not just another dull mouse; it’s capable of so much more! It is a wireless gaming mouse with three connectivity options: sub-1ms SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS, low latency Bluetooth wireless technology, and USB wired. Thanks to a proprietary PixArt PAW3392 native 18000 DPI optical sensor that has been tuned for a wireless mouse, you may play with precise accuracy and precision.

The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse is professional and competitive. The mouse has a polling rate of 2,000Hz and may be used wired or wirelessly (2ms). When not in use, the mouse employs a USB Nano receiver that may be stowed inside the mouse.

The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro wireless gaming mouse blends ergonomic comfort with the power and precision of a high-end gaming mouse.

This ambidextrous mouse is built for both left- and right-handed gamers, allowing you to play with ease regardless of your preferred hand. The Dark Core RGB Pro contains nine customisable buttons, two of which are on the thumb side for fast access to commands without shifting your grasp on the mouse.

The DARK CORE RGB PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse from CORSAIR is the most potent wireless gaming mouse on the market. It offers up to 50 hours of battery-powered wireless gaming or a wired mode connector that allows you to play while charging.

Omron switches with a life class of higher than 50 million clicks. You can assign macros, alter polling rates, design RGB lighting effects synced across all of your iCUE-compatible devices, and much more with the powerful CORSAIR iCUE software.

  • 18K DPI with the longest battery life is a good option for gaming.
  • None


10. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
  • Trackball comfort: sculpted shape supports your...
  • Work and play anywhere: Get smooth, precise cursor...
  • Long battery life: Go for up to 18 months without...
  • For Windows or Mac OS: robust 2.4 GHz wireless...

Anyone who wishes to be more comfortable while working should consider the Logitech Wireless Trackball M570. Because the trackball’s sculpted design keeps your palm and fingers in a relaxed, natural position, you can use it all day without becoming tired. This trackball stays still, making it easier to locate when you need it. Furthermore, its handy scroll wheel makes it simple to zoom through important papers or web pages with a single flick of your finger.

The Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 is a portable trackball that follows you around. So you can use it anywhere and have smooth cursor control. You can work and play without a desk, thanks to the high-definition optical tracking. The Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 is a portable trackball that follows you around.

The Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 is a high-performance trackball mouse that allows you to control your mouse with pinpoint accuracy. Control is straightforward with the integrated scroll wheel and easy-to-reach Back/forward buttons, whether you’re browsing the web on a laptop or navigating a home-theatre PC. Stop chasing after a mouse.

You don’t have to move your arm to move your cursor because your trackball stays in one spot and places control beneath your thumb. Its contoured form also supports your hand for all-day comfort and control.

  • Longest Battery Life
  • Wireless Connectivity Trackball Mouse
  • USB Unifying Receiver
  • None


Best Mouse for Wrist Pain Buying Guide

You must purchase the appropriate mouse to alleviate your wrist ache. There are different variables to consider when purchasing an ergonomic computer mouse to get one that completely meets your needs.


The most straightforward technique to avoid wrist strain is to use a vertically oriented mouse. This type of design lowers wrist strain and creates a comfortable working hand position that won’t cause any disturbance in your hands or arms. Flat mice are fantastic, but not if they’ve been used for several hours at work — this will lead to more issues.


Wireless communication is frequently favoured over cable since it is more convenient and pleasant. Wireless mice may be used from any distance, and there are no tangled wires to contend with.


If you’re a gamer, use a mouse with a superior sensor to avoid delays while playing.

Types of Grip:

Several mice have distinct grip styles, such as palm grip, fingertip grip, big grip and claw grip. However, because each person’s hand is different, it can be challenging to select the perfect mouse for you without testing a few.

Process of Selection:

With the help of research and testing, we have picked high-quality mice that have gone through a rigorous process.


In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best mouse for wrist pain. These mice are incredibly stylish and come at a reasonable price. If you want to buy an excellent mouse pad too, read this post, and you will be able to do it quickly.


Is it true that vertical mice can help with wrist pain?

Because it is, your forearm will feel less stiff, and your hand will feel more relaxed. If you get pain in your wrist, hand, or forearm from using a computer mouse for long periods, a vertical mouse is a perfect answer for you.

Is using a mouse going to harm your wrist?

The same tiny muscles might become worn and overworked by repeatedly placing, travelling, scrolling, and clicking the mouse. This excessive use can lead to pain (ache, soreness) on the top of the hand. Around the wrist, there is pain (ache, soreness).

Is it unhealthy for your wrist to use a little mouse?

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