10 Best Laptop Brands 2022

A laptop is an absolute necessity in this age, and what is the best laptop brand in 2020 is the most asked question. There are many brands from which you can choose, and here we have listed our top 10 best laptop brands 2020 for your buying ease. Laptops are never short in supply as many companies keep on introducing new laptops with updated features. Therefore to get the best according to your need is quite a task.

Out of many laptop brands, only a few have reliable and robust laptops that go a long way. Though, who have been buying laptops must have known about some brands, but in today’s age, you should know about the brand first before purchasing a laptop from them. There are plenty of steps and measures you should take before buying the best laptop, and the right brand is undoubtedly one of them.

Here we have listed ten best laptop brands in 2020 that you should know about as the brand reputation says a lot about their products. The top brands differ each year due to consumer reports and sales. However, some brands stay on the top list, which is listed below:


apple laptops

Net Worth $1.3 Trillion
Country USA
Founded April 1, 1976
Founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne
Present CEO Tim Cook
Headquarter Cupertino, California, United States
Sales per Year 500 units
Revenue per Year 500 million USD
First Model Macintosh Portable
Latest Model MacBook Pro 13 (2019)
Popular Lineups MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and so on
Best Model MacBook Pro
Best Model Price $2,399 USD
Brand Rating 10


Apple is known for its luxury laptops, which are reliable and have aesthetic looks, which makes it stand out among rest. Laptops have durable chassis, sleek thin and simple design, best overall performance, and, last but not least, a great battery life. The list of amazing specs goes on and on. Therefore serves as the main reason why Apple stays in the top ranking. Although they have costly laptops, they do not compromise on quality, as you see in every laptop.

The MacBook Pro is the most popular lineup Apple has introduced and taken the world by storm. It has all the premium features that have made it the all-time favorite for all kinds of users. The hardware may have issues, but so minimal that the other great specs cover it up and do not let it show. Apple has been keeping the same aesthetic and minimalist design but keeps on updating its hardware with new and faster components.

The new MacBook Pro 16 is the latest model and easily beats all its competitors by a large margin. It has everything that you need in an A-class laptop from exterior to interior. However, this lineup does not overshadow other series. The MacBook Air is pretty successful in every field due to easy of use and no compromise on performance. Apple also renewed this lineup with better components. MacBook Air is considered to be the best option for newbie buyers due to price and best specs all in one.


HP (Hewlett Packard)

hp laptops

Net Worth $34.9 billion
Brand Country USA
Founded January 1st, 1939
Founders David Packerd and Bill Hewlett
Present CEO Dion Weisler
Headquarter Palo Alto, California, U.S.
Sales per Year 15.26 million
Revenue per Year $58.5 billion
First Model HP-2116A
Latest Model HP Spectre x360
Popular Lineups HP Spectre, HP Pavilion, HP Chromebook, HP Omen and so on.
Best Model HP Omen 15
Best Model Price $1,464.00
Brand Rating 10


HP needs no introduction as everyone owning a laptop or thinking of buying one knows this name. It is ruling the tech world after Apple. Compared to Apple, who has all the pricey devices, HP offers affordable laptops and high-priced devices. Among the consuming market, HP has the highest best review rate, no matter what lineup. By looking at an HP laptop, you can certainly know why they are ruling the market. Laptops are ultra-portable, have reliable performance along with great display and long battery life. In short, it offers all the necessary specs in high quality despite the price.

They might have been at a low some point, but not now. As with new designs and technology, they compete with other best brands and stay in top ranking. HP has the most famous notebooks lineup that has the best specs in minimal chassis.

The HP Spectre x 360 series has genuinely stolen the spotlight from other laptops since its launch. It is the best 2-in-1 laptop you can get with high processing components and beautiful cutting-edge design, and do not forget the gorgeous and responsive touchscreen. You get the thinnest bezels and widescreen ratio that inevitably increases its points.

Hp Omen is another famous series made specifically for gamers. These laptops possess all the high tech components that do not fail their customers. From RGB backlit lighting to internal hardware, everything is arranged specially for gamers. However, programmers and engineers also prefer this laptop due to its performance.

Another notable quality of HP is the Customer support service, which is available every time and guarantees warranty on every product. Some laptops might not steal the show or impress, but HP never compromises on its hardware. In this way, you get the best despite the looks. This brand of laptop is an excellent choice for customers who want an affordable and Windows operating system.


asus laptops

Net Worth $5.56 billion
Country Taiwan
Founded 2 April 1989, around 30 years ago
Founder Ted Hsu, T.H Tung, M.T Liao, Wayne Tsiah
Present CEO SY Hsu and Samson Hu
Headquarter Beitou District, Taipei; Republic of China.
Sales per Year 22 million
Revenue per Year $11.69 billion
First Model Asus U36
Latest Model: Asus Zephyrus G14
Popular Lineups Asus VivoBook, Asus ZenBook, and many more.
Best Model: Asus ROG Mothership GZ700 Gaming Laptop
Best Model Price $6,499.99 USD
Brand Rating 10


Asus is mostly known for gaming laptops, but they also have other lineups for students, business people, and designers. They always make their laptops with the highest-processing processor, RAM, graphics card and display. These all specs are needed in a gaming laptop, and you will surely see it on an Asus laptop.

These fast laptops also help professionals in different fields to get their work done much faster. The company might stay on top but surely make it to the best laptop brands list every time with new releases. Asus has many popular series, such as ZenBook, VivoBook, Chromebook, ROG, etc.

The Asus ZenBook takes the cake with its successful and most sold laptops series. These laptops have a gorgeous design, screen, long battery life along with excellent hardware performance. Every laptop in this lineup possesses the same high-quality features and still stands out from each other. However, the display remains the highlighted features of Zenbook with thinnest bezels and the highest resolution.

The Asus ROG series is the best gaming laptop. These laptops may be bulky, but the thick chassis allows a larger heat sink. It comes useful when playing AAA-rated games for a long time because hardware heats up. But due to large vets on sides and rear allows air to flow and keeps the laptop cool. It is the best laptop for playing games and is highly pricy.

The company makes laptops with every price range, and the best gaming laptops are always at the higher end. It not only provides an attractive price but all giver warranty for spill and accident protection.


dell laptops

Net Worth $35 billion
Country United State
Founded 1 February, 1984, around 35 years ago
Founder Michael Dell
Present CEO Michael Dell
Headquarter Round Rock; Texas (United State)
Sales per Year 11.32 million units
Revenue per Year 78.7 billion USD
First Model Turbo PC
Latest Model: Dell XPS 13 (2020)
Popular Lineups Dell XPS, Dell Latitude, Dell Alienware and many more.
Best Model Dell Alienware Area-51 m Gaming Laptop
Best Model Price $5299.99
Brand Rating 9.5


Dell is, without a doubt, best in business. Though it does not always stay at the top, which is given due to the competitive market, you can say Dell laptops are for every season. It never goes out of competition due to the most robust and reliable laptops it manufactures, which go a long way. No matter the series or price category, Dell always has reliable laptops with best specs, which easily beat its competitors. Now Dell not only has affordable laptops but also makes gaming and high-tech laptops at high prices.

The Dell Latitude is known as the best reliable laptop series. These laptops have the most sturdy body that is even coming in contact with the hard surface or fall; it will not take effect and work without an issue. The chassis may not be sleek/slim but surely is tough. Another notable thing is the price range as it falls under mid-range laptops. Not to forget the long battery life, it is the best laptop for students.

Dell XPS series is at the high-price end due to the latest components it holds and easily beats every other premium laptop. Everything on these laptops has high standards components with not a bit compromise on any spec. These can be configured according to choice and the latest components. The screen is also great, with the best color contrast and brightness level.

To sum it up, Dell always follows its standards when manufacturing laptops and does not lack in any way despite the ranking. Some laptops may fail as compared to others, but it still has many successful lineups that still thrive and are sold worldwide.


acer laptops

Net Worth $100 million
Country Taiwan
Founded 1 august, 1976 ; 43 years old
Founders Stan Shih, Carolyn Yeh, George Huang
Present CEO Jason Chen
Headquarter Xihi, New Taipei in Taiwan
Sales per Year 24 million
Revenue per Year 7.83 billion USD
First Model Acer Aspire 8920G
Latest Model Acer Swift 7
Popular Lineups Acer Spin, Acer Aspire, Acer predator etc.
Best Model Acer 17.3” FHD VR Ready Gaming Laptop
Best Model Price $5,012 USD
Brand Rating 9.0


Acer has the best laptops with an under-budget range. You do not compromise even at a low price as you get the best laptop. This Chinese company is quite popular worldwide due to their laptops and stayed in the best brands of laptops ranking for years. They have been known for introducing low budget laptops and Chromebooks that the market was practically flooding with so many models.

However, they also have high budget laptops with faster and much better specs. Acer Aspire and Acer Swift are the most popular series. They have various laptops ranging from high price to low, high speed to average overall durable chassis.

Acer Predator lineup is at the high end as it is made specifically for gamers. These laptops are heavy and huge due to powerful components it holds. These also have multiple configurations that gamers can choose according to their gaming needs. This series is also popular among engineers and programmers due to fast processing hardware.


lenovo laptops

Net Worth $6.58 million
Country Chinese
Founded 1 November, 1984
Founder Liu Chuanzhi
Present CEO Mr. Yang Yuanqing
Headquarter Malianwa sub-district, Haidian, Beijing
Sales per Year 16.8 million
Revenue per Year $1.178 million
First Model The IdeaPad
Latest Model Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme
Popular Lineups Lenovo ThinkPad, Lenovo Legion, Lenovo Yoga, Lenovo Flex and many more
Best Model Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Extreme Gen 2
Best Model Price $1,721 USD
Brand Rating 9.0


Lenovo has been ranking in the top 10 for quite some years. This company manufactures a wide variety of laptops ranging from Chromebooks to Workstations. You can buy a laptop from this brand for any work. They have the most sophisticated business design laptops but also have flexible designs too. Their laptops offer perfection in design, keyboard, display battery, and graphics quality.

The ThinkPad series is famously known for its comfortable and clicky keyboard that surely makes it the best laptops for writers. This series has solid performance and a sturdy chassis that goes for a long time. As for the price, the company also has different ranges but not high prices. They might introduce gaming laptops just like ASUS, but they have a famous Legion series, which is a bit close to a powerful workstation.


samsung laptops

Net Worth $1.2 Trillion
Country South Korea
Founded 1 March, 1938
Founder Lee Byung-chul
Present CEO Kim Ki Nam
Headquarter Seocho district, Seoul, South Korea
Sales per Year 4.6 million
Revenue per Year $210.9 billion
First Model Samsung series 5
Latest Model Samsung Notebook 9 13
Popular Lineups Samsung Notebook, Samsung Chromebook, and so on
Best Model Samsung Notebook 9 Pro
Best Model Price $1,699.00
Brand Rating 9.0


Everyone is aware of Samsung when it comes to smartphones and TV, but not many are aware of the successful laptops range. It is one of the most known brands globally with a net worth in Trillion. Customers mainly avoid their laptops due to low battery life and classic design. However, they have introduced many new laptops with improved specs, and their Chromebooks are the best sellers.

Samsung Chromebook has been an immense success globally, and they are introducing new models with updated specs. These Chromebooks range in price, but all possess a gorgeous display, decent performance, and long battery life.

They also have introduced the S Pen, just like in smartphones, in their laptops such as Chromebooks and Notebook series. It makes the touchscreen convenient to use, and the storage compartment for the pen makes it more reliable.

There are many factors which they need to improve regarding laptops but still offer decent laptops and worth trying.


microsoft laptops

Net Worth $1 Trillion
Country American
Founded April 4, 1975
Founder Paul Allen and Bill Gates
Present CEO Satya Nadella
Headquarter Redmond, Washington, U.S.
Sales per Year $50 million
Revenue per Year $125.8 billion
First Model Surface Book
Latest Model Surface Pro 7
Popular Lineups Microsoft Surface Laptop, Microsoft Surface Pro, Microsoft Surface Go and many more
Best Model Microsoft Surface Book 2
Best Model Price $2,999.00 USD
Brand Rating 9.0


Microsoft might not have great beginnings, but today it is known as the best laptop manufacturer that goes side by side with Apple. After years of development and improvements, it truly deserves a spot at top laptop brands ranking. At first, it faced issues with its tablet lineup, but now with new technology, it has decreased the failure rate at barely 1 percent. Now it offers the most reliable hardware that delivers great performance with no bumps.

Microsoft has introduced many lineups, such as Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Go, etc. each holds its prominent quality. Still, the performance and display stand out on every laptop and tablet. It has all clamshell, detachable and 2-in-1 laptops. All laptops have the best Windows 10 OS, and you can enjoy all the features at the fullest.

Microsoft Surface Pro has been an immense success since the new models have come out. It offers various configuration options that you can choose according to your budget range and need. Surface Pro is the best 2-in-1 laptop you can get that features a kickstand for user’s ease. The screen quality is impressive, and battery life is long. Except for being costly, it can easily beat any premium laptop. With a detachable keyboard and pen supported screen, you can use it as a tablet and carry it around with ease.

For now, Microsoft surely has a lot of high-level devices to offer, but we can expect more from them in the future. This company has been thriving for the past few years and surely brings revolution with its new technology and giving competition to other companies. Also, it has been immensely popular among the people and undoubtedly will continue to do so.


toshiba laptops

Net Worth $16.57 billion
Country Japan
Founded July, 1875
Founder Tanaka Hisashige
Present CEO Nobuaki Kurumatani and Satoshi Tsunakawa
Headquarter Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Sales per Year $36 million deal
Revenue per Year $0.13 trillion
First Model Toshiba T1100
Latest Model Toshiba Satellite Radius 12
Popular Lineups Toshiba Satellite, Toshiba Portege, Toshiba Tecra,Toshiba Radius and many more
Best Model ToshibaPortégé X30-F1356
Best Model Price $1,754.99 USD
Brand Rating 8.5


You may have heard of Toshiba in other electronic devices, but it also has a successful laptop series. They make laptops with their signature brushed aluminum chassis and silver hinges, which please laptop lovers at first sight. The company has been growing fast and making rapid sales through its laptops. They make all-purpose laptops that help anyone from students to work in their daily work. These laptops are best for carrying out everyday tasks, not for heavy work.

Toshiba Satellite is the best laptop series from Toshiba. In this series, not all laptops are sleek thin, but some are a bit bulky too. However, you do not face any issue using them. The keyboard and trackpad are better than before. Hardware is updated and works flawlessly. Most importantly, it comes in an affordable range and good quality.

The Japanese company has been working hard and presenting its customers with new technology and laptops. They are slowly climbing up the ladder, and this year made it into the top laptop brands list. Their Chromebooks are also starting to sell and are a good deal at an affordable range. The only issue that you see is the bloatware, which is a nuisance to remove and might slow the performance.


msi laptops

Net Worth $13.98 billion
Country Taiwan
Founded 4 August 1986, around 33 years ago
Founders Joseph Hsu; Jeans Huang; Frank Lin; Henry Lu, Kenny Yu.
Present CEO Sheng-Chang Chiang
Headquarter Zhonghe; New Taipei in Taiwan
Sales per Year 17 million
Revenue per Year $3.55 billion
First Model GT80 Titan (first gaming model)
Latest Model MSI Alpha
Popular Lineups MSI GT75VR, MSI Stealth, MSI Prestige and many more.
Best Model MSI GS75 Stealth-093
Best Model Price $2,999.00
Brand Rating 8.0


MSI has been around for nearly three decades but has only started to stir up the competition with its perfect gaming laptops recently. It is another company known for gaming laptops mostly but also makes business laptops. This company makes some good quality laptops that deliver super-fast performance. These are built with high-tech components and have all the specifications; therefore, they are costly too. The company keeps on making new laptops with more advanced technology that attracts gamers.

They have a lineup of slim laptops, but most gaming laptops are bulky due to vents, which surely pays off. When it comes to gaming laptops, along with hardware, the design is also important. MSI surely keeps this mind during manufacturing laptops for gamers.

MSI Stealth is the most popular and sold out series for gamers. The laptops come with the fastest hardware and durable chassis. These laptops even have an RGB backlit keyboard, which sets the mood for gaming and the fastest responsive screen. In every way, these laptops are the best choice for gamers, but only if you can afford them. Just like high-tech components, these also have high prices.

Though they deliver high-quality laptops but have limited editions which limit their sales, anyways, they have a positive review on every laptop series they launched and surely impressed their customers.


These brands are well known due to their good reputation that they have built over the years. They might have laptops that you do not like, but that solely depends on individual consumer experience. Despite the differences, you can find the best laptop for your use from these brands and increase your productivity. If you like a laptop suggestion targeting a specific category, then you can check out our other articles, such as the best laptops for programming, the best laptops for blogging, and many more. With this, we conclude our article and hope you get all the information you are looking for with this post and make the best purchase.


How do I choose a good laptop?

When buying a laptop, you should consider the following specs for the best purchase:

Operating system: It is the foremost specs you should choose from Mac, Windows, and Chrome OS.

Size: When choosing a size, consider your ease and portability options. You can get from 11 to 17 inches of laptop and choose what works best for you.

Keyboard & Touchpad: It is essential for most people as their work depends on it. You will see many options and choose what is most comfortable for you.

Hardware: The internal components mainly include a processor, RAM, storage, and GPU, and you have a choice to get different combinations. These specs differ according to speed and cost differently. In this regard, you should consider your budget and work needs.

Battery: A laptop is of no great use if it has low battery life. Your laptop should have 8 hours of power backup on average. Greater battery life in a laptop is automatically a better choice.

What brand of laptop is most reliable?

Apple is the most reliable brand according to consumer reports, and Microsoft secures the second position. However, these rankings differ each year according to their newly introduced models and user reviews.

What best laptop brand lasts the longest?

In this category, without a doubt, Dell ranks as the best manufacturer of robust laptops. The Dell laptops, along with sturdy chassis, offer powerful specs and reliable performance. Whether you want a laptop for school or work, it lasts both conditions and the longest as compared to all other brands combined. It has introduced many lineups, but Latitude and XPS stand the most in every aspect.

Which laptop brand is the best for 2021?

If you are looking for a robust laptop with Windows operating system, then Dell is your best laptop brands overall. On the other hand, Apple has luxury and the best Mac OS laptops that offer the best specs and excellent performance at a high price.



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