Are Microsoft Teams Calls Recorded Automatically?

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Microsoft Teams has become a popular communication tool for businesses, allowing teams to collaborate and communicate seamlessly. With its many features, including video and audio calls, many users wonder if their calls are being recorded automatically. In this article, we will explore the answer to this question and discuss the benefits of call recording, analytics, and monitoring in Microsoft Teams.

Call Recording in Microsoft Teams

The short answer is no, Microsoft Teams calls are not recorded automatically. However, users do have the option to manually record their calls. This feature is available for both audio and video calls, and the recording is saved to Microsoft Stream, a video streaming service for businesses. This allows users to easily access and share the recorded call with other team members.

Benefits of Call Recording

While Microsoft Teams does not automatically record calls, the option to manually record calls can be beneficial for businesses. Call recording allows for important conversations to be saved and referenced later, ensuring that no important information is missed. It can also serve as a training tool for new employees, as they can listen to recorded calls to learn from experienced team members.

Call Analytics

In addition to call recording, Microsoft Teams also offers call analytics. This feature provides insights and data on call quality, usage, and trends. This information can be used to identify any issues with call quality and make improvements, as well as track the usage of Microsoft Teams within the organization. This can help businesses make informed decisions about their communication strategies and investments.

Call Monitoring

Call monitoring is another useful feature in Microsoft Teams. It allows managers or supervisors to listen in on calls in real-time, providing the opportunity to coach and train team members during live calls. This can be especially helpful for new employees or for improving customer service interactions. Call monitoring can also be used for quality assurance purposes, ensuring that all calls meet the company’s standards.

How to Enable Call Recording, Analytics, and Monitoring

To enable call recording, analytics, and monitoring in Microsoft Teams, you must have an Office 365 Enterprise E5 license. Once you have this license, you can enable these features in the Microsoft Teams admin center. From there, you can also manage who has access to these features and set permissions for call recording, analytics, and monitoring.


In conclusion, Microsoft Teams calls are not recorded automatically, but users have the option to manually record their calls. This feature, along with call analytics and monitoring, can be beneficial for businesses in terms of training, quality assurance, and data analysis. To enable these features, an Office 365 Enterprise E5 license is required. With these tools, businesses can improve their communication and collaboration within Microsoft Teams.

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