10 Must Use Accessories of Laptop

10 Must Use Accessories of Laptop

Everyone in this modern era uses a laptop for some reason. For personal purposes, people use it for entertainment, to keep records or net surfing. Students use laptops to study, research, and writing assignments. Besides these, every career field makes use of a laptop in a way or another. The laptop has a compact design, great features, and mobility, which make it a most useful device that one can own. Though the laptop itself is a complete product that offers every necessary element, the tech market still offers various accessories that complement it. The list of these accessories is long and has multiple variations.

Here I have picked the top ten things that everyone can use along with their laptop and sometimes considered essential in many cases.

1. Portable charging bank

Portable Charger bank

The power bank is a must-have accessory for the people who are always traveling for an extended period. The battery of the laptop only works for a specific time and then runs out. Here comes the portable power bank, which is a handy and most useful product. It gives you a significant advantage by recharging your battery and not let you worry about it running out in the middle of meaningful work. 

The power bank has two types, standard and solar power bank. They are very common and easily available and get charges through a USB source. Solar bank, as the name suggests, is charged through sunlight. It has smaller cells, and thus you get a slow trickle charge but can also be charged through USB source. This device is though the best choice when you will be away from the main power for a long time.

When buying a power bank look for mAh capacity, the type of cells-Lithium-ion/Li-ion is cheap and easily available. At the same time, Lithium-poly is costly but provides more charging capacity. Buy from a trusted brand because not all banks offer longer discharge cycles and run out pretty soon.

2. Portable SSD

Portable ssd

This portable device is one of the crucial accessories to own; it helps you backup your files without risk of losing. The laptop does come with large SSD storage capacity with the fastest solutions, but sometimes this falls short too for developers and editors. To fulfill their need, people opt for portable SSD, which offers more storage and speed. It works as backup wizards, all the files and data instantly backed up with this with no worry of losing in case something happens to your laptop. Some people work directly on portable SSD due to the speed it offers and saves time in storing their data.

The speed helps in storing and generating gigabytes of data in a short amount of time. The gamers also benefit from this, heavy loading games takes a lot of time, and by investing in portable SSD time reduces to half and also transferring gaming videos to editors is done in seconds. When buying a portable SSD, the main things to consider are speed, security, and durability. You should consider not only the type of interface but also rotation speeds. Some hard disk offers secure experience with security features like encryption, software suits, and more. This investment is for mostly one time, so make sure to look for durability and warranty.

3. USB flash drive

usb flash drive

A USB flash drive is a must-have for laptop users who want to move around their data and share with others. It’s a great device to store data, and most are removable and rewritable. USB drives are in small reliable size and mechanically robust due to single and no moving parts. They do not need extra power as they drive power from the device they connected to, to operate. Their speed depends on storage space; larger space, faster they operate.

4. USB-C hub

USB-C hub

This device is a very handy tool when you have MacBook Pro or any other laptop that offers minimum ports. The ports are a way to connect external devices to your laptop and enhance your working experience. Users that use a laptop with minimum ports options buy USB-C hub separately. It’s a pocket-size device with 6 to 8 USB port options and connects with your laptop with a single outlet. A USB hub does not require the power of its own; it drives from the laptop and operates. You can connect your phone, SD card, tech devices, or anything simultaneously to save time and get work done in a short time. 

5. Bluetooth mouse & keyboard

Bluetooth mouse & keyboard

Bluetooth or wireless mouse and keyboard connected to a laptop or a tablet add efficiency and productivity to work. The wireless keyboard comes in different variations e.g., foldable and standard. The foldable keyboard made of softer material that allows it to fold and mold to fit the space in your bag. Other standard keyboards come in a decent size and firm body that are easily portable due to the size. They are usually smaller in size and thus take small space on your desk or bag. The wireless keyboard is compatible with all types of laptops and tablets and even offers variation in keys shape, colors, material, etc.

The market offers three types of wireless mouse i.e., optical, Bluetooth, and air mouse. Optical mouse work with infrared technology and Bluetooth mouse is self-explanatory with its name. However, air mouse is a new technology that also works with infrared technology but does not need a flat surface to work. You can use it in the air to give commands. As the name suggests wireless, you don’t need the hassle of wire and comfortable surface to work with a mouse, and touchpad can sometimes not so comfortable.

6. Wireless speakers

wireless speakers

Laptops and tablets due to compact design do not offer loudspeakers. To get the enhanced audio experience to pair it with wireless speakers. There come two types of wireless speakers, one that works with Bluetooth and other work through Wi-Fi. A Bluetooth speaker is battery powered and rechargeable and connects with the laptop easily through Bluetooth. They are cheaper than other speakers, and you can only use one speaker at a time.

Wireless speakers work on AC power, which means it needs an outlet. You can stream audio on more than one speaker at the same time and control it through Wi-Fi. It offers longer-range connectivity to as much as 200 feet, but the speed of the internet affects the quality of audio. Moreover, this type of speaker is expensive than Bluetooth speakers.

7. Headphones


Headphones are the most essential and common accessory. It also comes in both variations, wired and wireless. People mostly use standard headphones because it does not need charging and super easy to use whenever but wire gets tangled easily.

On the other hand, laptops and tablets now support Bluetooth headphones, which you connect easily without the hassle of wires and changing your position. But they needed to be charged and sometimes when you go out and forgot to charge your headphones then you might be in a problem. Overall it’s a good choice and a bit costly. Besides connectivity, headphones come in various shapes with their benefits.

8. HD Webcam

HD Webcam

In this age of vlogging and streaming, an HD Webcam is a must-have. They have their types too, like integrated, standalone, standalone with microphones and network cameras. The integrated webcam comes installed on laptops or tablets, but not all come with a high-quality camera, and to buy a separate HD camera is a wise choice. 

The standalone camera is attached through a USB cable and can work as a video recorder and live to stream. The better quality HD cam makes streaming smooth and better. Some cameras come with a microphone too and save you the hassle of attaching an extra. It allows streamers to talk to their audience effectively.

Such high-quality webcams are not only used in the online industry but in corporate offices too. Employees make video calls almost daily to communicate with each other and clients, and HD webcam serves great result and get their ideas across clearly.

9. Laptop stands or lap desk

Laptop stands or lap desk

A laptop stand or desk is another convenient accessory that you can buy and use them while traveling or simply anywhere. It’s a great tool for people like designers, writers, programmers who use a laptop for hours every day. The ergonomic laptop stand keeps the laptop at your eye level and prevents your neck from straining due to looking at the screen at weird angles.

When you are looking for a laptop stand to buy for your daily use, look at their build and structure. You should choose a lap desk that keeps the laptop at a decent angle that is convenient for your neck and back posture. However, if you are planning to take the desk with you anywhere, then choose those that are lightweight and foldable. They will be easy to carry and need minimal space to keep and set up. Lastly, it should be compatible with your laptop, that it sits perfectly on top of it and have enough space for you to work,

10. Backpack


The laptop bags are an essential accessory to keep your laptop safe from any damage. Bags look stylish and showcase a sense of style along with keeping the laptop safe. They are long-lasting and go for a long time without damage. While choosing a suitable bag for laptop size comes first. Any decent size laptop can fit into a sleeve bag, if not then a backpack with lots of pockets and right material is the best choice.

Then you should consider bags with zipper as it keeps the bag close and prevents dust or dirt on the laptop. This thing is essential for people who frequently travel because this keeps laptop dirt free and secure. The water-resistant material is a cherry on top, which helps it from any extreme situation and prevents damage. Overall, the bag should not only look good but protect your laptop too.



The accessories mentioned above are basic and readily available in the market. Each has its utility that adds up to your usage of laptops and enhances the experience. You can look up to more variations to these and buy according to your needs. This article is mainly useful for new laptop buyers who are looking to add more things to their daily usage but also for the ones who want an upgrade.

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